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10 Sep, 19 06:22
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Udaipur:Undertheauspices of Savitri Ba Phule EnvironmentandEducation Institute, JyotiBa Phule Teachers 'Training College hasateacherreceptionand honorsceremonyorganized ontheoccasionofTeachers' Day. In which the Vice Chancellor of Maharana Pr a ta p Un i v e r s i t y o f AgricultureandTechnology and Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Prof. NarendraSinghRathodwas felicitatedonTeachers'Day, the program was presidedoverbyShriTakhat Singh Shaktawat The founder of Savitri Ba Phule EnvironmentandEducation Institute,Mr.DineshMalifirst greetedallthevisitingguests and shared information of the institutions he further added that our institute is aimingtohonorthesubjects ofeducationevery yearand searchesforgoodteachers. Vice-Chancellor Mr. Narendra Singh Rathore thanked all the members, in his address asked teachers to set new dimensions in agriculture in the institution undertheEnvironment Program.President of ceremony Shri Takht Singh Shaktawat,PradhanGirwa first paid salutes and blessings to the teachers and informedthefuturestudents aboutgoodpractices.Called to serve poor people and dedicatedtheachievements of his political life to his te a c h e r s .Dr. Ch e tn a Bhardwaj threw light on the life,personality,andworkof Dr. Sarvepal l i Radha Krishnan and inspired everyone to follow the path givenbythem.Distinguished Guest Shri Shyam Sundar Bhatt, Deputy Director Sa v i tri Ba Ph u l e EnvironmentandEducation Institute said that it is a matter of great pride to be a teacher, the teacher is a society, society is a nation and if a nation is there we a l l e x i s t.Dr. Ch e tn a Bhardwaj, Shaily Jain, Ranjana Salgia, Sunita Shrimali, Bhavani Singh Soda,Dr.MinakshiSolanki, Neelu Joshi, Visakha Bhatnagar,KamalaKumari Chauhan, Ms. Lekha Gehlot, Mangi Ameta, Rajesh Puri Goswami, Kailash Meghwal, Parvati Vaishnav, Prem Kumari Patel were honored. Intheend,Directorofthe institute Diwakar Mali proposed a vote of thanks.The program was conducted by Shri Mati Preeti Paliwal, Ranjana Salgiya, Shaily Jain. On this occasion, Dr. Manish Saxena, Dr. NL. Chaubeesa, Mrs. Anjana Seth, Mrs. Kaushalya Kanwar, etc. were present.

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