Grand launch of Integrated Virtual Reality Lab at Neerja Modi School

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05 Sep, 19 08:50
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Grand launch of Integrated Virtual Reality Lab at Neerja Modi School

Udaipur: The Integrated Virtual Reality Lab at NeerjaModi School in Chitrakootnagarwasgrandlyinaugurated by Dr. MahendraSojatya, Chairman of the School and Dr. MukeshSrimali, Advisor. This is the first school in the state where virtual reality lab has been established.On this occasion, the directoroftheschoolSmt.SakshiSojatiagave informationaboutthevirtualrealitywhile congratulatingthestudents,sheexplained that virtual reality is a computer system used to create a fictional world. In which the user has this corner effect, he is in thatworldandrealizestheabilitytomanipulate the object in that world and navigate through it. Mrs. SejalJodhawat of Happy Mongo and her colleagues informed the staff and students about the equipment and features of this lab.Principal George A. Thomas stated that the integrated virtual reality lab allows thestudentto"virtuallyparticipate in the real" world in a cultivated threedimensionalopticalenvironment.Withthe helpof virtualreality technology, students learn all the tricky subjects in the subjectsofgeography, science,history,etc., by wearing this device and diving themselves into that environment and each one becomes closely aware.By this, the childrenthemselvesgothroughthemost difficult topics IVR. Easily understand through which its retention becomes clear

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