Reality of theatre artists shown through ‘Pocketmar Rangmandal’

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22 Aug, 19 10:55
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‘Pocketmar Rangmandal’ is bitter truth of artists’ life

Reality of theatre artists shown through ‘Pocketmar Rangmandal’

of artists’ life ‘All the world is a stage and all the men and women are mere players.’ – William Shakespeare. The life of an artist is never easy. It is even more difficult when he belongs to that part of society which is considered ‘unacceptable’ by some people. But art is something that gives theartistaninterminable power to fight and overcome everyobstacleorchallengethat may interrupt his path. Till this date, artists all over the world face problems like not getting enough exposure or recognition and not getting paid as much their talent deserves. Asimilarlythemedplaywas staged on 9th august 2019 by NatyanshSocietyofDramatics and Performing Arts at Zonal Railway Training Institute, Udaipur. The play named ‘PocketmaarRangmandal’written by writer AsgharWajahat revolves around a pickpocket ‘Bhagwan’. The second show was performed at Natyansh Workplace,Sadri Haveli on 11 August 2019. The story tells howBhagwan takes an immediatelikingtoParsitheatre,the first time he watches a Parsi play and dedicates his whole life to it leaving the life of pick pocketingbehind.Thougheven after diligently working for the theatregrouphefailstoachieve the recognition he deserves because in the eyes of others he was just a pickpocket, a criminal. Bhagwan’s life takes a turn when he is advised by his friend,MunnaTyagitoformhis own group which Bhagwan n a m e s ‘Po c k e t m a a r Rangmandal’ as he seeks to bring all those people who just like him had no option other than take the path of thievery in their lives. Veera, Nasreen, Aabdabegum,Babli,Lalu,etc. join Bhagwan’s group. But challenges do not end here. Noauditoriummanagerallows them to perform on the stage. One manager does allow only on the condition of providing double amount, that too in advance. After years of leaving the path of pick pocketing, the situation forces Bhagwan to return to it so as to pay the amount of auditorium. Only this time he gets caught. Fate favors Bhagwan and his group as the inspector himself turns out to be an art lover and gives him the required amount. The aura of extreme stress and tension in the group suddenly changes to joy as Bhagwan shows up with the money, hands it over to the arrogant manager and callshimthereal ‘Pocketmaar’ of the show! The audience enjoyed the small scenes of Parsi play ‘KhoobsuratBala’ presented beautifully by the artists. The play showed a fantastic blend of comedy and tragedy as all the characters being theatre artists are comical. On one handcharacterofBabliplayed by DishaSaxena is developed as the chain snatcher who now is a theatre artist in Bhagwan’s group and Laalu, played by PiyushGurunani is shown as the newcomer in Bhagwan’s group who is also the youngest of them all. On the other hand, an endearing love inculcates between Veera played by RaghavGurjargour and Nasreen played by Isha Jain shownby scenesofthembickeringabouteachotherandthen finally accepting their love. The arrogant manager of the auditorium and the art loving inspector were proficiently played by Mahesh Joshi and AgastyaHardikNagdarespectively both of whom were also seen in the roles of men who try to molest Nasreen and harm Abda but are defeated by Bhagwan. MunnaTyagi, Bhagwan’s constant support, wasplayedbyChakshuSingh Rupawat and Bhagwan by Amitshrimali. Other on-stage artists included Harshul Pandya, Anshul Paliwal, and JatinSolanki.Theteambehind every successful play always includes some artists behind the curtain. These are the backstage artists of the play - Rahul Solanki, Niti Sharma, Saloni Patel and Sanjay Solanki. Mohammed Rizwan Mansurigavemelodiousmusic to play, Ashfaq Noor Khan Pathan took in charge of light designing,YogeetaSisodiawas in makeup and costume designing.Theplaywasadeptly directed by RekhaSisodia who also played the role of AbdaAmma.

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