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06 Jan, 20 09:08
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When there’s a holiday buzz in the air, the city turns into an enchanting hub of hope, mysticism, and tradition. Spend New Year’s Eve in Udaipur and you’ll find yourself bombarded with Vibrant Decor, matchless ambience and mind-blowing entertainment. New Year 2020 just around the corner, Royal Retreat Resort and Spa, Udaipur welcomed 2020 again in its unique and distinctive way of celebration. The famous Royal Retreat Resort and Spa threw one heck of a New Year’s bash with the theme “The Rolling Hills” Chapter 2. RoyalRetreatsmadesureyouhaveagalatimewithasumptuous New Year Eve dinner with a selection of fine delicacies like Dumba Gosht, Seafood Balchao, Duck matsamun , brie cheese paratha , NRI paratha , Rock n Roll Chestnut, flickering Berliner, Marshmallow Snowman and Frozen Cookies at the restaurant. As a nation that loves to eat, we hold food, and the people who prepare it, close to our hearts. Satish Gupta also fondly known as “Chef Satish” in Udaipur, is the Culinary artist behind the creativity, taste and inimitable selection of various delicacies. He loves to cook and is passionate and selective about each and every ingredient used in his recipes which distinguish him from others. He always believed that “Eating is a Necessity butCookingisanART”therebyaddingsoultohisdishes.Overall, the event was organized by WDNE and the most rocking music by DJ’s Shilen and Vishal. Parathas form an important part of North Indian Breakfast andthereisnowayyoucanignorethem.Stomach-fillingparathas can be enjoyed with the sides consisting of curd, pickle and even ketchup sometimes. You have certainly heard about aloo paratha, paneer paratha but this paratha recipe will certainly make you lick your plate in no time. So, wait no more and put an apron to prepare these yummy parathas

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