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29 Feb, 20 07:54
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Dr.Shameem Quader


"If you are sensitive towards your surrounding and identify the real problems of it, fruitful innovations come up naturally

With a view to encourage, popularize and inculcate scientific temperament, a 2-day science exhibition was held at the premises of Seedling Modern Public School on 27th & 28th Feb, on account of National Science Day celebrated every year on 28th Feb to commemorate the discovery of Raman Effect.



The students participated in the exhibition with a great enthusiasm and exhibited their knowledge about science and its innovation. Both still and working models were prepared depicting different themes. Some of the eye-catching models were Waste Water Treatment Plant, Oil Skimmer, Vacuum Cleaner, Solar Roadways, Future Elevated Ambulance Volcano Detective Buzzer, Periscope, Flying Motor Vehicles, Gravity Blanket etc.



Demonstration and explanation were given by the participants and the spectators including teachers were greatly impressed by their performance.

Honorable Principal Director Madam Mohini Bakshi, Principal Ms. Maken and the members of Secure Meter Mr.Deepak Soni( Technical Architect), Rohit Jani ( Head of Services- Dharohar), Manish Rathore( Operation Head- Dharohar) and Kriti Joshi (Designer), presided over the event to motivate and applaud the participants. 

Prize-winning models were as follows:



First Prize- Waste Water Treatment Plant



Second Prize- Electromagnetic Crane

Third Prize- Solar Irrigation and Smart City



The four consolation prize-winning models were Oil Skimmer, Model of an Eye, Air Cooler and Volcano Detective Buzzer.

Winners were awarded the trophies by Hon. Principal Director Madam Mohini Bakshi. Her precious presence filled the seedlites with delight. Guests encouraged the winners and remarked that science is a blessing but should be used with discretion. Students accepted the feedback with the scope for further development. Hon. Director Madam encouraged the students to set higher aims in life and remarked that science and its temperaments should be used in a balanced way to lead a simple and happy life...

The principal of the school Ms.Maken appreciated the efforts of the students who worked hard under the guidance of Ms. Ritika and Ms. Richa to make this day successful and memorable. She said that these kinds of events serve as a platform for students to present their new ideas and learn from each other and also to express their creativity and gain confidence.




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