Expert doctors will show the danger, prevention and treatment......

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28 Feb, 20 10:19
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Expert doctors will show the danger, prevention and treatment......

Udaipur.  Ayush Medical Welfare Foundation is organizing a one-day free aplastic anaemia awareness seminar on 3 March 2020. This seminar is to be held at the Soybean Processors Association of India campus, three renowned doctors of the city will give awareness about the anaemia as well as its dangers, prevention and treatment. The seminar is being organized in collaboration with the Medical, Health Magazine Sehat evam Surat and the Advanced Homoeopathic Medical Research and Welfare Society. Dr. AK Dwivedi, who attended the seminar as an expert, said - Anaemia is usually considered as a minor disease by people and does not take it seriously. Awareness seminars are also not organized for this, while it is a disease that gives rise to many other diseases. Constant bleeding from teeth or gums, long-term menstrual problems and bleeding in the stool due to piles, any of these reasons can cause aplastic anaemia. Many people take medicines for fever, joint pain or skin problem themselves for a long time, they are also more prone to aplastic anaemia. Taking any medication for a long time without medical advice invites anaemia. There is also a risk of anaemia due to chemotherapy. We want to make people aware about such a serious disease. If people keep the amount of hemoglobin in the body and keep the hemoglobin checked regularly, then they can avoid many diseases including anaemia












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