Maharana Mewar Foundation 38th Annual Awards – 2020 (MMFAA 2020)

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22 Feb, 20 11:56
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Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation 50 years serving as an inspiration to mankind by applauding outstanding achievements

Maharana Mewar Foundation 38th Annual Awards – 2020 (MMFAA 2020)

Udaipur : Since it was established in 1969 Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF) has been committed to nurturing centre’s of excellence in heritage management, fine arts, the performing arts, education, ecological management, philanthropy, spirituality and sports. Amongst the most important of these is providing recognition of excellence, through appreciation and acknowledgement of the achievement of individuals and their work.

Maharana Mewar Foundation Annual Scheme of Awards constitutes a major part of the activities of the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF), Udaipur. These Annual Awards were instituted in 1980 - 1981 to recognize college and school students, in Udaipur, for their academic and sporting achievements. The scope and spectrum of the awards has been steadily widening since 1981. The Annual Awards Ceremony not only applauds students but also honours international and national scholars for their work of permanent value to society. Many play a pivotal role contributing to Mewar, India on the world stage.

On the 1st March 2020, Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation is honouring service of permanent value rendered to society. The ceremony begins with the presentation of certificates to students from schools and universities in Udaipur and across the State of Rajasthan. This is followed by the main Ceremony when the awardees gather on the dais to receive their awards from The Chief Guest Dr. K. Kasturirangan and Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, Chairman and Managing Trustee, Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation.

Maharana Mewar Foundation 38th Annual Award Distribution Ceremony - 2020 for this year will take place on Sunday, 01st March 2020 at Manek Chowk, The City Palace, Udaipur.

Announcing the International and National Annual Awards 2020, Convener of the Ceremony Dr. Mayank Gupta said that the international award, instituted in 1996 and named after Colonel James Tod is to honour a foreign national who has made a lasting contribution through his work of permanent value and understanding of the spirit and values of Mewar, Udaipur and India. This year the award is given to Dr. Norbert Peabody. He is working on a re-issue of James Tod's Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan based on the two-volumes first edition published in 1829, which will restore the text to its original with engravings, maps, charts, and appendices and with a special focus on Mewar. Norbert’s Cambridge University entry describes him as an ‘anthropologist and historian, whose research focuses on Indian nationalism during the 19th and 20th centuries.’

The National annual award, Haldighati Award, is given to an individual for work of permanent value that initiates an awakening in society through the medium of journalism. This year the Award is being awarded to Mr. Raj Chengappa, Group Editorial Director (Publishing) of the India Today Group and Editor of India Today magazine. He spearheaded the re-launch of India Today magazine. He is author of the best-selling book titled ‘Weapons of Peace: The Secret Story of India’s Quest to be a Nuclear Power’ that chronicles India’s nuclear weapons history. He was a Nieman fellow at Harvard University, a Harry Brittain fellow for a time at Oxford University and a Stimson Fellow on Security Issues in Washington, D.C. He was a winner of the 2019 National Award for Excellence in Rural Journalism award.

Hakim Khan Sur Award is conferred to Mr. Manhar Udhas, a Hindi and Gujarati language singer. He has sung for more than 450 films in Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali as well as in other languages and has released 35 gazal albums. He has effectively employed his music with meaningful songs and gazals to establish peace and harmony not only in Indian society but also across the world. He has been singing in concerts in different parts of world to promote this message through his music.

Maharana Udai Singh Award has been felicitated to Mr. Devilal Dhakar, the man who has planted more than 5000 saplings and trees.  He has registered and cared for each and every tree keeping a record for all the donors who have supported his efforts in his endeavour to preserve and maintain a healthy environment. The Award is conferred on him for his work of permanent value in protecting and enriching the environment, hand – in – hand with future development.

Another National Award is Panna Dhai Award. This year it is awarded to Ms. Purnota Dutta Bahl, Founder and CEO, Cuddles Foundation, Mumbai who began her journey as a social entrepreneur 6 years ago. Although she had been contributing as an individual donor to the hospital, Purnota realised that she needed to do more, especially for children who were unable to cope with their cancer treatment because of malnutrition. Purnota left a flourishing career in corporate world to work with Senior Oncologists at TATA Memorial who developed a blueprint for Cuddles Foundation that would go on to contribute to fight childhood cancer with food and nutrition as part of the healing process. Today Cuddles has partnered with 31 government and charity cancer hospitals across 20 cities in the country, conducting over 1.5 lakh treatment advisory counsels every year. The Award is conferred on her in recognition of her rendering selfless service, rising beyond the call of duty and who sets an example in the society of permanent value through sacrifice, in the face of immense hostility.

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