Raj Mahajan sings his tune on surgical strike on black money

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Published on : 21 Nov, 16 12:11

New Delhi: PM Modi has taken a unique historic step against black money and corruption. 500 and 100 currency notes have been restricted immediately. Those who have an understanding of the revolution are supporting and the rest who are not resisting, are opposing it. People are expressing their views by making jokes, videos, hate-speeches, etc. about the ban of currency notes. But, on the other side, composer Raj Mahajan has supported the Modi government on the move against black money.
Recently, Raj Mahajan has penned a song about the move and composed as well. Mahajan has criticized those who are opposing the decision of Prime Minister Modi. Raj has also criticized Pakistan and Jihadi in the song. Through this song, he has advised the people of India to keep their money white. However, Raj's style is different to spread the message.
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