Verses Ignite Patriotic Spirit: Poetry Convention

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Published on : 13 Sep, 23 10:09

Presented by K.D. Abbasi, Kota.

Verses Ignite Patriotic Spirit: Poetry Convention

"This country is my home, not a rented one" - A grand All-India Poets' Convention organized by the Greater Kota Press Club showcased a flood of lyrical poems.
On Sunday, as a part of the series of cultural and social creative programs by the Greater Kota Press Club, the All-India Virat Poets' Convention was held. This poetry convention held at the MD Mission College Auditorium in Keshavpur, New Kota, elevated the name of Kota, the education city, through the poems and shayari of poets who are renowned nationally and internationally. Noted poet Jagdish Solanki, who has made a distinctive identity on the platforms of poetry conventions across the country, presented excellent and outstanding poems. His presentation was so powerful that the audience responded with applause and murmurs of appreciation. Kota's well-known educationist and MD Mission Education Group's Chairman, senior Congress leader Ramkumar Dadhich, and the distinguished city journalists and literature enthusiasts, including noted scholar Budhijivi, were present to enhance the relevance of this poetry convention in the chief guest position.
The poetry convention continued from morning till evening, with captivating performances. Sunil Mathur, the President of the Greater Kota Press Club, chaired the poetry convention. Renowned poet Kunwar Javed, who has made a name for himself in India and abroad with his poetry, recited, "I am the sun, I fear no shadow. This country is my home, not a rented one," and with excellent sher and mellifluous ghazals, he infused the atmosphere with patriotism. The successful organization of this poetry convention, accompanied by satirical and poetic comments of well-established national poet Atul Kanak, made it historic. The presentations of one after another exceptional poets in the languages of Hindi and Rajasthani, the gems of Hadothi dialect, resonated through the lips of the audience and reached their hearts. Durga Dan Singh Gaur, Mukut Maniraj, Ambika Datt, and Vishwamitra Dadhich, famous poets of the country who express the traditional beauty of folk culture and sentiments in their songs and poems, took the poetry convention to the peak of literary expression. The poems of Mahendra Neha, Ramnarayan Haladhar, Kishan Varma, Nisha Muni Gaur, Akhilesh Akhil, Sharad Gupta, Krishna Kumari, Anita Varma, and Rajendra Pawar also captivated the audience with their heartfelt verses. Prior to this, members of the Managing Committee of the Greater Kota Press Club, including Pradyumn Sharma, Kayyum Ali, Dheeraj Gupta Tej, Pawan Ahuja, Cultural Committee Coordinator Om Katara, Sunil Mathur, President of the Greater Kota Press Club, Senior Vice President Hemant Sharma, Treasurer Pandit Badri Prasad Gautam, Vice President Harimohan Sharma, Joint Secretary Chandraprakash Chandu, members Rubina Kazi, Sanjay Varma, Dinesh Kashyap, and others welcomed the invited poets, with floral garlands, clean cloth binding, and souvenir distribution, and honored them. The program began with the lighting of a lamp in front of the idol of Goddess Saraswati and the offering of flowers. Along with the city's journalists, enlightened citizens also enjoyed the delight of the poetry convention."

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