Mission 2030: Paving the Way for Rajasthan's Progress

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Published on : 12 Sep, 23 09:09

Mission 2030: Paving the Way for Rajasthan's Progress

In pursuit of the vision to position Rajasthan as a leading state in India by the year 2030, Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot inaugurated the Mission 2030 dialogue program on Tuesday. The event, held at Jaipur's Birla Auditorium, aimed to foster discussions for the state's future. During this insightful gathering, the Chief Minister engaged in video conferences with young individuals from diverse districts, inviting their valuable suggestions on shaping Rajasthan's trajectory for 2030.

The pivotal announcement of the event came in response to a fervent plea from a young woman hailing from Udaipur. Chief Minister Shri Gehlot, attentive to the voice of the youth, declared the elevation of Meera Girls' College in Udaipur to a postgraduate institution. The Higher Education Department promptly set the wheels in motion by issuing the necessary orders to facilitate this transformation.

The Mission 2030 program, a venture aimed at propelling progress tenfold, found its stage at the Mohanlal Sukhadia Rangmanch under the aegis of District Collector Arvind Poswal. The chief guest for this district-level Nagar Nigam event was Jagdishraj Shrimaali, the Deputy Chairman of Shram Salahkar Board (akin to a State Minister rank). Meanwhile, the state-level program held at Jaipur's Birla Auditorium was broadcasted live. During this segment, Chief Minister Gehlot interacted with youth from various districts, including Udaipur, fostering a participatory approach to envisioning progress.

Among the young voices, Jinal Soni, a student of Meera Girls' College, Udaipur, shared her aspirational vision during the event. She envisioned Rajasthan as a state that champions women's causes by 2030, offering them unfettered access to education, employment opportunities, and comprehensive rights. Jinal, a B.Sc. student, expressed her desire to pursue M.Sc. within her own college but noted the absence of postgraduate courses. In a heartening response, Chief Minister Shri Gehlot apprised her of the ongoing governmental initiatives for women's empowerment and then proceeded to announce the elevation of Meera Girls' College to postgraduate status. This announcement was met with resounding applause, resonating with the audience's enthusiasm.

Furthermore, Chief Minister Gehlot engaged in dialogue with Vishakha Sharma, a student of Meera Girls' College and an NCC cadet. Vishakha passionately expressed her goal of making Rajasthan the safest haven for women globally by 2030. Responding thoughtfully, the Chief Minister highlighted the ongoing special campaigns against criminals and wrongdoers. He revealed that more than 300 offenders had been apprehended in the preceding 15 days, underscoring the state's commitment to safety and security.

The Mission 2030 dialogue program serves as a robust platform for collaborative development and paints a promising picture of Rajasthan's future progress.

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