World Heritage Day

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Published on : 08 May, 22 09:05

- Sulekha Shrivastava

World Heritage Day

Today is world heritage day. This day is also known as "Internationalmonumentsandsitesday."Thisdaywasestablished on April 18, 1982. First of all, it was celebrated by the International Council of monuments and sites in Tunisia. Then every year, this day is celebrated on April 18. Friends, first we must know that basically a heritage site is an ancient building which has its own cultural significance. The aim of celebrating this day is to bring awareness amongst people about the preservation of historical and cultural ancient buildings. It's our moral duty to preserve human heritage.There are many organizationsworkinginthis field.Theyareputtinginvariouseffortsandmoney to preserve these historical and cultural sites. So, a celebration of this day works as a source of inspiration also to these organizations that are preserving our heritage. We are no doubt grateful to these organizations. These sites are valuable assets to the world. Wecan't knoworremember our glorious past if theseheritagesiteswere not in existence. These sites give name and fame to the nation. They are a source of income also for the government when tourists visit them. In many places, government institutions like schools, hospitals, banks, post offices, and courts are running in these historical buildings only. It deserves the legacy of intangibleattributes.Theworldasacommunityworksforthepreservation of history and culture, i.e., passed on to us in the form of these heritage sites by our ancestors. We have to maintain the legacy now. Every year, this day, a wide range of events take place in different parts of the whole world. These events might be different activities, conferences, debates, etc., organized by different organizations. In India, there are many beautiful cities that are called Heritage cities. Every year, a new different theme is selected to celebrate this day. I must tell you that theme for this year is "Heritage and Climate." We bow to our legacy of tangible and intangible attributes. But that is not enough. In spite of many organizations working to preserve these heritage sites, still, a need arises to make more efforts in thisdirection.Sopayinggreatattention,this themeis selected for 2022, Heritage and Climate. The aim of selecting this theme is to draw the attention of people toward the fact that if the climate is saved, then only every heritage site in the world will be saved. Today we are blind to the fact that heavy rainfall, drought, floods, increasingdeserts,landslides,raisedtemperatureandmelting glaciers are all due to the change in the climate. We have to take steps and bring positive changes in the climate; then, only heritage sites will be saved. Now, hope for the best. Atrue saying is that "People without knowledge of their past culture and origin are like rootless trees." So please know, work, and save our heritage sites. Hope for the best. Happy World Heritage Day to you all.

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