Combating Corona

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Published on : 17 Mar, 20 05:03

Prashant V Shrivastava

Combating Corona

These are the testing times and India seems pretty comfortably positioned to deal with the virus. The Coronavirus has become an endemic in many developed nations and on that count, it scares more than anything. But, the way, India has got proactive and careful, it seems and will remain contained before it becomes a bad history.

This time around, we see that the government and the people, both have risen to the situation and declared that the virus will have no impact here. In fact, we are not allowing it to spread and that’s the best and strongest measure. While the government has closed down all public gatherings and the safety precautions are being advertised, people have also started taking evasive action and have shunned the visits to any crowded places. Social media, which is better known to spread rumors more than facts, has been used judiciously and carefully by the people. You only see useful and safety messages and nothing like rumors.


The government has also been sharp on target and is keeping a close eye on any false messages.

The fact of the matter is cleanliness. The need of the hour is to keep yourself and others clean. Washing hands multiple times and ensuring you use proper sanitizers is the key.

While the government is well prepared to fight the virus head-on, it’s time for people to show their heroic. And this time you do not need to do anything, just stay indoors as much as possible and avoid any gathering or travel. People who are infected accidentally or are not aware of it could cause you trouble. There are people who are either totally unaware or are just ignorant. These few people are dangerous, and you just need to keep yourself away from them.


The rule is pretty simple – when you can’t see the enemy, hide and ensure it does not see you. And while you are covered, you can plan and get rid of the enemy. The first and foremost thing is to stay healthy and fit so that you can not only save others but also help to fight the virus.

Once again, we see that the deadliest viruses have simple cures. Just wash your hands and stay fit. It cannot get simpler than that. Now, the need is to ensure everyone back in your family and in the office follows the rule. The habit of washing hands after every meal or using any facility where others might have left their germs can be protecting and lifesaving at times.

Once you are done with it, the next step must be to boost your immunity. A stronger body can take any challenges easily. Being fit, today’s times when our food is contaminated and the air is polluted is no more a hobby, but it is a necessity. A healthy diet and workout are what you must include in your daily routines to ensure, you never fall prey to any viruses, ever.


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