Vishnu kumar Suhalka

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07 Jun, 20 07:12
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Ashok Mathur

Vishnu kumar Suhalka

Extremely modest and affable, Vishnu Kumar Suhalka is a renowned name in the construction sector in the city. Born in and a native of Lake City, Udaipur, Suhalka had his early schooling in St. Paul’s School and later at Central School, Pratap Nagar. He completed his B.Sc. (Mathematics) from M.B. College, Udaipur in 1982. To begin his career by joining his family which was into the sale of liquor but later switched to the construction sector. For some time, he was also a royalty collection contractor for the Mines Department. He also successfully ventured into the housing construction sector where his core belief remained a commitment to quality which he eventually delivered. A teetotaler and a practicing vegetarian, he strongly believes in the benefits of these practices. 
Impelled by his belief that education is a potent means of bringing about social change, Suhalka has recently launched Aadhar Career Classes, a coaching institute with the help of his son and daughter in law. About the coaching scenario in Udaipur, he feels that now 80-90 percent of students go for it in Udaipur for two main reasons. Most teachers in several private schools are low paid while on the other hand, there is a miss-match between the salary and performance of govt. school teachers while they are required to be engaged in non-teaching activities. This has created a situation where teachers are either overworked or they are unable to produce academic outcomes. He also feels that parents have much higher expectations from coaching institutes where students spend 3-4 hours a day than schools where they are for a longer period. Much depends on parents, he believes, as it is their responsibility to make children disciplined. They can play a crucial role in protecting their children from time killers such as smartphones, TV, bike, money and wrongful company. Preparing himself hard to teach Maths which is also one of his passion, Suhalka thinks that Maths makes one’s brain logical while English also remains important in this global age. So also is good handwriting as it attracts the attention of the teacher and examiner. 
During school days, Suhalka participated actively in mental activities such as debates, sports, and workshops. He was under officer in NCC Army Wing and a Cadet in the Air Wing. His love for adventure once made him go to Chittorgarh on a bicycle and return the same day covering a distance of about 225 km. He was also interested in Badminton (for which he still finds time from his busy schedule) and photography. 
Popularly known as Vishnuji Pedhwale, Suhalka’s identity is now strongly associated with nature and trees. The 300 roadside trees he planted in Basant Bihar, Goverdhan Villas in the year 2000 are now up to 30ft tall and is a sight to behold. In addition to this, he has also contributed to the planting of hundreds of trees and donating tree guards in different parts of the town. No wonder, he received the ‘Green Ideal Award’ from the Governor of Rajasthan in 2013- the only person in the town to have got this. His plants have won several prizes in the annual flower show organized by the Municipal Corporation at Gulab Bagh and Fatehsagar. 
His wonder lust took him to a month-long ‘yatra’ to the abode of Lord Shiva- Kailash Mansarovar in 2005. The parikrama of Mansarovar with a radius of 90km and mount Kailash with 57km, according to him is the holiest and toughest pilgrimage. 
Realizing his social responsibilities Suhalka gifted 25 Sewing machines in the memory of his parents in 2007. He was an active President of Suhalka Samaj (2007-10) and has been instrumental in getting built one of the best community halls in the town and helps in organizing different kinds of social, religious, sports, and cultural activities. He regularly provided scholarships to meritorious and needy students. 
An early riser, Suhalka is up at 5 in the morning and after a short Yoga session, it is time for him to go for a 55-minute walk to Goverdhan Sagar with his two neighbor friends whose company he immensely enjoys and values. He believes true and genuine friends are one of the biggest assets a person can ever possess.  
Suhalka has two pet dogs. He likes singing and listening to old Hindi Bollywood songs and plays badminton with his grandson. He is fond of reading books especially on counseling, body language, and child psychology. 
Suhalka loves meeting people and is a good conversationalist whose talk is spiced with pithy and witty aphorisms culled from his own personal experience. He believes that the good one does get good in return. One should always be generous and try never to be bitter. 
Mother Teresa is Suhalka’s role model as he strongly believes in helping others in the best possible way. For him, Sewa (service) is parmo dharma (highest religion).  
The Suhalka’s are an extremely close-knit family, very caring and loving of each other. They spend a lot of time together and go out to eat once a month just to enjoy themselves together. 
Suhalka’s elder son Dipanshu manages the coaching institute Aadhaar in Udaipur where he also teaches English. His wife Meenu is a textile engineer, an MBA from Symbiosis University, Gold Medalist in hotel management, and has completed the Women Entrepreneurship Course at IIM Udaipur and manages Aadhar. They have a son named Praharsh. Suhalka’s younger son Vinay is pursuing his Ph.D. at IIT Bombay. His wife Prithvi who has done her MSC Biochemistry from Vadodara and later Women Entrepreneurship Program at IIM Udaipur is currently learning French in Mumbai. Kaveri is their daughter. 
Vishnu Kumar Suhalka feels very proud of the pivotal role his wife Umrao Devi has played in the success of her whole family.     
He feels that Udaipur is a highly livable place with its forests, lakes, good educational and medical facilities, and connectivity of every kind. With the improvement in traffic facilities and cleanliness, it can become an even bigger attraction. For this, all the residents need to play an active role. 
Impelled by his passion to be socially helpful, persons who come in his contact become like him.     

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