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First Governor General of India Rajgopalachari was a great admirer of interpretation skill of Kanti Nathji Bhatt

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03 May, 21 05:09
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First Governor General of India Rajgopalachari was a great admirer of interpretation skill of Kanti Nathji Bhatt

Radiance of the face like a great man and reflection of an amazing impression of a royal personality, having nice physique, attired in traditional southern Rajasthan costume along with excellent command over Hindi, English and Sanskrit reflecting unmatched learnedness. Hailing from Dungarpur district of the Udaipur division in South Rajasthan, personality of simple, decent and learned Bhatt Kanti Nath Ji Sharma educated at Banaras Hindu University was such that anybody who met him even once couldn’t restrain himself to be his admirer.Popular as ‘Babuji’, Kanti Nath Ji Sharma spread glory of his learnedness across the nation as a shadow of the first Governor General of India, Chakraborty Rajgopalchari, ‘Rajaji’ a great leader of the nation associated with freedom movement of India taking command of the independent India from British and former Speaker Dungarpur Maharawal Lakshman Singh. Although, sadly he left for his heavenly abode on Hanuman Jayanti (April 22, 2016) at an age of hundred years, his personality is still fresh in the memories of the people.
 Rajaji was a great admirer of Bhatt’s instant interpretation of his English speeches.
 Kanti Nath Ji Sharma, political secretary and considered as right hand of Dungarpur Maharawal Lakshman Singh got an opportunity to come closer to Rajaji when Chakraborty Rajgopalachari separated from Congress and formed a new ‘Swatantra Party’, and had close relations with him from 1959-1972 till Rajgopalachari left for heavenly abode.
In national conventions and public meetings of Swatnatra Party he used to instantly interpret speeches of Rajaji delivered in English in a simple way in his own style. Rajaji himself was an ardent admirer of interpretation of Kanti Nath Ji Sharma. 
Had lifelong relations with Maharawal Sahab
 Former ruler and leader of opposition for a long time and later speaker in Rajasthan legislative assembly, deep relations of Kanti Nath Sharma with Maharawal Lakshman Singhji remained all through the life. All speeches delivered by Maharawal Saheb bear deep imprints of Kanti Nath Ji. Speeches written by him used to bear liveliness as well penetrations were adored by all. All through his life he remained political secretary of Maharawal Saheb. In true sense he was a political strategist and advisor to him.
Former Vice President and former chief minister of Rajasthan used to term Kanti Nath Ji as ‘Chankya of Maharawal Saheb’. Maharawal and Kanti Nath Ji lived every moment of their life togethr.
Remained Guru (teacher) of Raj Singh Dungarpur and guardian of Maharawal Mahipal Singh
 Kanti Nath Ji had close relations with Raj Singh Dungarpur, youngest son of Maharawal Saheb came out to establish himself as a well-known cricketer, administrator, captain of Rajasthan for a long span and manager of test team of Rajasthan, selector and chairman of the BCCI (The Board of Control for Cricket in India) and Cricket Club of India (CCI). Not only that, he only remained.
 Many people may be aware that including Raj Singh Dungarpur other members of the royal family used to address him as ‘Master Saheb’. He remained teacher of all three sons- eldest son Mahipal Singh, middle son Jai Singh and the youngest son Raj Singh. Not only had he remained as guardian of Mahpal Singh when he pursued his studies at St. Stephens’ College New Delhi. In his childhood watching Raj Singh playing cricket Kanti Nathji inspired him to go ahead, as a consequently he emerged as an illuminating star in the indigenous as will international cricket world.
He is credited to bring Maharani Gayatri Devi in Swatantra Party
It was during this period only that Kanti Nath Ji was entrusted to bring her in fold of the Swatatra Party and impart her political education. With efforts of Kanti Nath Ji only Maharani Gayatri Devi became member of Swatantra Party and he only singed on her membership form in capacity of General Secretary of the party, Famous for her unparalleled beauty across the globe, Kanti Nath Ji taught her intricacies of the politics and Maharani delivered her first public speech based on the speech given to her by Babuji written in roman English. During those days Swatantra Party was dominating at national and state levels. Consequent to it several times she remained Member of Parliament and succeeded to reach a higher level in the politics.
Star of Vagad region to be graduated from Banaras Hindu University
Babu Ji Kanti Nath Ji graduated from Banaras Hindu University (BHU). During his graduation he met Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi at the convocation ceremony of BHU, and also came in contact with Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya Ji.It was owing to the closeness of Pandit Lakshmi Nath Bhatt father of Kanti Nath Ji that his uncle Rajpandit Ichha Nath Ji Bhatt and Kashinath Ji Sharma, teacher of famous industrialist Birla family that they remain close to Dungarpur royal family.After completing graduation from Banaras Kanti Nath Ji was employed in government service as a teacher, despite that looking into his talent Maharawal Sahab entrusted his many new responsibilities, especially, responsibility of education of his eldest son Mahipal Singh and to fulfill that he left his government service too. Post-independence, Maharawal Sahab deputed all the contemporary people of Kanti Nath Ji in good government positions, but retained him in his personal staff.
Had relations with great political leaders and former royal princes
While working with Maharawal Sahab, Kanti Nath Ji remained in close proximity of other national leaders, like- H M Patel, former finance minister, Meenu Masani, Peelu Modi, Beeju Patnaik, RN Singh Dev Odisha etc., besides founder of Swatantra Party Chakraborty Rajgopalachari. He also remained very close to many former small and big princes and their family members.Since he was a very trusted person to Maharawal Sahab, whenever people used to visit him with their problems, he used to say that ‘tell it to Kanti Nath Ji.’ Not only those great politicians used to get in touch with him. Besides leaders of Swatantra Party other leaders used to take him in high regards. Former Vice President Bhairo Singh Shekhawat. Mohanlal Sukhadia, Haridev Joshi, Shiv Charan Mathur, Jagannaaath Pahadia, Barkatulla Khan, Heera Lal Devpura, Vagad Gandhi Bhogi Lal Panya, great tribal leader Bheekha Bhai Bheel etc. were all great admirer of Kanti Nath Ji’s learnedness.
 Among prominent national leaders former prime minister Morarji Desai, Choudhary Charan Singh, great Jansangh leader and Rajmata of Gwalior Vijayaraje Scindia, former princely rulara- Maharana Bhagwat Singh of Udaipur, Mahendra Singh and Arvind Singh Mewar, Former Maharaja of Bikaner Karni Singh and his wife Sushila Kumari, Rama Kunwarji of Wankaner (Gujarat), grandson of Maharawal Lakshman Singh and current member of Rajya Sabha Harshvardhan Singh of Dungarpur, daughters of Maharwal Sahab- Rajendra Kumari, Muli (Gujrat), Hemant Kumari, Danta (Gujrat), Krishna Kumari, Suket, Mandi (Himachal Pradesh), at the same time former MP of Mathura- Manvendra Singh, first Lieutenant General Nathu Singh, Thakur Mandhata Singh of Geejgarh (Jaipur) and senior RSS publicist Thakur Das, Lalit Kishore Chaturvedi, Laxman Singh ji Bhai saheb and many other famous dignitaries remained in touch with Babuji Kanti Nath Ji and they all extended their love and affection to him. Quite often Bhiaro Singh Shekhawat used to say jokingly that ‘Maharawal Sahab, we are scared of your Chankya- Kanti Nath JI.
Dear to Dr. Nagendra Singh
Kanti Nath Ji Sharma was very dear to the younger brother of Maharawal Sahab and Chief Justice of the International Court at Hague Dr. Nagendra Singh Singh as he was very impressed with him. Quite often he used to take feedback from him on state, national and international political activities. Babuji also had deep relations with younger brother Virbhadra Singh ji and nephews Samar Singh and Digvijay Singh.
Fine orator in Hindi, English and Sanskrit
Beginning his political career as a member of a local body, Kanti Nath Ji never looked back without having desire for any post and climbing ahead the ladders of success in his political journey. He was a fine orator, learned person and writer, knowledgeable of all the subjects and an eminent leader to deliver non-stop speeches in Hindi, English and Sanskrit. He had thorough knowledge in Vedas and remembered innumerous Shloks (hymns) by heart. He was a treasure of past golden memories. Whenever his family members asked him for a book published in his memories, Babuji used to say that don’t ask me to write or get a book published because I will tell only the truth and many people may not digest it. Had he enumerated his memories, it would have been a great treasure to the current generation.
Married to Smt. Bhatt Shyam Sundar Kaur, Babuji Kanti Nath Ji Bhatt survived with four sons and three daughters, out of which his eldest son Bhatt Triloki Nath Sharma passed away recently in October 2020. His rest of the sons are Bhatt Hari Nath Sharma, Bhatt Yogendra Nath Sharma and daughters are Damayanti-Jitendra Mohan Bhatt, Kusum-Triloki Nath Dixit and Rajashri-Sudhir Mehta. Besides this, his many grandchildren are settled in various cities of abroad as well as in India.
Although reverend Babuji is not with us………. We are left with the treasure of his golden memories……
Innumerous salutations to such a great personality.

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