Exploitation of Nature affects Biodiversity

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02 Mar, 21 10:31
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-Lalit Garg

Exploitation of Nature affects Biodiversity

Is humans a part or master of nature? This has become a very important question in the present perspective because the behavior of humans seems to be like as he has the authority to rule this nature and no one else like trees, animals and birds belongs to it. Even neither of rivers nor mountains. In the present times when the exploitation of nature and increasing cruelty on animals has become a matter of concern and the depletion of forest area and melting of glaciers has posed the question of human life in front of wildlife. Often we look at the data of various research reports in the newspapers on how the number of birds like vultures, coves, sparrows, fireflies etc. is continuously decreasing. The same situation is happening with bees. Research suggests that the number of European bees is declining rapidly. Man is not only exploiting nature for his greed but is also causing great harm to nature, wildlife and environment.
The forests are being cut. The habitats of wildlife are being snatched from them. Due to this, the number of animal species has also reduced considerably. Overall, the balance of nature is deteriorating. Due to which we have to face the day of natural disasters. It is a part of wildlife nature. If we destroy them, then the entire system of biodiversity will go away. Animals also have the right to live as freely as human beings in this world, this thinking needs to be pursued. If we do not protect the environment, wildlife and birds, then there will be a big crisis on the earth.
Research in nature, environment and wildlife has revealed the shocking fact that man has lost sixty percent of wildlife, animals, insects and moths from the earth in the forty five years from 1970 to 2014. Twenty percent of the Amazon forests have transformed into human populations in just the last fifty years. According to another research, the sea has not been as vast in three crore years as it has been in recent years. The researcher intended to say that the presence of man on this earth has been there for two million years. But increasing population, urbanization, depletion of forests, contamination of the sea has caused extinction of these wildlife, animals, insects and moths.
The biggest feature of nature is that it does not consume its own things. As the river does not drink its own water, trees do not eat their own fruits; flowers spread their fragrance throughout the environment. This means that nature does not discriminate with anyone, but when a person indulges and exploits nature unnecessarily, then it gets angry. Which she periodically expresses as a drought, flood, inundation, cyclone, glacier rupture, and hurricane. Due to global warming, there has been a continuous fear of various natural accidents.
The recent devastation of the glacier in Uttarakhand's Chamoli district is as tragic as it is worrying. In this sad time, we should once again consider messing with nature, wildlife and birds. It has been said many times that the earth is heating up. The increasing emission of greenhouse gases is challenging us. The Himalayas is not counted as very safe mountains. Glaciers have been melting rapidly in the last decades. The existence of rivers is beginning to be questioned. There is no doubt that the effort needed to stop the glacier from melting is not being done. Not only this, the process of excavation and harvesting on the mountains continues.
Constant construction and basic infrastructure, such as roads, facility construction on the mountains are under increasing threat. Construction of houses in very inaccessible places is bound to increase the risk. When convenience is increasing on the mountains, then the number of people living there is also increasing.
We have spoiled the surroundings of the plains, now we are ready to destroy the mountains too. Not only is it tempting to settle on the mountains, but there are industries, hotels and other business activities. The effect is clearly visible on the mountains; where there used to be greenery on the mountains, concrete forests have started to appear, and the result is very horrible. From time to time, mountains and glaciers make us sad due to loss of many people. After this accident we should start thinking honestly about mountains and nature in particular. Show off in the name of environmental protection should now be abandoned.
There is a very deep connection between nature and man. The two complement each other. For man, the earth is the courtyard of his house, the sky is terrace, the sun-moon-stars are lamps, the ocean-river water pots, animals are for to balance the environment and the means food are plants. Not only this, there is no better teacher than nature for man. Till date, humans have achieved all that they have learned from nature or from nature. Nature has taught many lessons, including gravity, to great scientists like Newton, while poets have written poems more than one by staying in nature.
Similarly, the common man understood all the qualities of nature and made positive changes in his life. Actually, nature teaches us many important lessons. As autumn does not mean the end of the tree. The person who imbibed this lesson in his life was never afraid of failure. Such individuals try to get new success without getting distracted after every failure. They keep doing this until they get success. Likewise, trees laden with fruits, but the trees leaning downwards teach us to remain humble and modest despite getting success and fame or being prosperous. According to the novelist Premchand, idealism in literature has the same place as nature in life.
Most importantly, everyone has their own importance in nature. A small insect is also useful for nature, while in the 'Matasya Puran' a tree is described as hundred sons. That is why we have an eternal tradition of worshiping trees. It has been said in the Puranas that a man who plants new trees flourishes in heaven for the same number of years, the number of trees in which he grows.
There is some magical world and adventure in wildlife and forests. One of the many joys, satisfaction and thrill of life is that we forget ourselves for some time and get lost somewhere in the forests, but this does not mean that the forests should be thrown into the fire of destruction. It is a reality that there are many animals and birds in the world, due to which not only the posture of human life is made, but their existence is inseparably connected in human life. The shocking fact is that only twenty-five percent of the earth is left where human activity is negligible. It is horrible that this area will reduce to ten percent in 2050. Earth has its own alarm clock, which is trying to awaken the entire human race. Even now, if we do not wake up, then it is just a shuddering thought that we will give the future generation an ugly world.

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