Today Need Raising retirement age of Teachers in higher education

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21 May, 20 02:28
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- Dr Munesh Arora

Today Need Raising retirement age of Teachers in higher education

Raising retirement age of Teachers in higher education from 60 to 65 Today Need and requirement of state. Gehlot government should take immediate Step on this long pending issue its truly in the benefit of state Dr. Arey says. 

In the area of higher education Ashok Gehlot Government taken bold decision by opening of New colleges in rural areas and Tehsel headquarters to benefit the students of Rajasthan. state government  also open New medical colleges and new universities. so that the quality education will be provided  to the students of Rajasthan. After getting an higher education the youth of the Rajasthan should stand on their feet. 

The retirement age of teachers in medical education has already increased to 65 yr’s. Rajasthan's Higher Education Minister Bhavnar Singh Bhati has repeatedly said that the Gehlot government is sensitive  government and committed to Provide quality education to  the students of the state. Gehlot government is also working on upliftment of Girl education. Bhati admitted So many times Rajasthan governments needs much more experienced lecturers in colleges. 

  Education Minister Bhati has also publicly expressed his deep concern over the shortage of teachers in the colleges of Rajasthan. Bhati admitted in a press conference in December 2019 that there are 6500 approved teachers posts in the state colleges and only 3500 teachers are serving. So that more 3000 experienced lecturers is short in the colleges of Rajasthan. Also 125 to 150 teachers are getting retired every year in higher teaching. The posts of newly opened colleges have not yet been included in the posts of these 6500 teachers.

 General Secretary of Rajasthan University and college Teacher Sang Vijay Kumar Aery said that to maintain the level of higher education in the state the Gehlot government should immediately increase the retirement age of teachers in Rajasthan universities and colleges from 60 to 65 years. Its Also recommendation of UGC which is already implanted in more ten state in the country.

In Rajasthan The teacher-student ratio in the field of higher education has also increased considerably.  Because more than half of the posts in colleges of the state are vacant. Arey said that in this regard, we have already given representation  To the Chief Minister Ghalot sh in January 2020 and also received positive assurance from the Chief Minister in this regard.

 Professor Vinod Sharma of Rajasthan University said that today there is a shortage of qualified and experienced teachers in universities and the way the professors are retiring, there will be a considerable shortage of professors and associate professors in the state universities. which will badly effect the NAC Grading of the state universities. Also quality of research work will also be hampered. Which is primary need of the state in this situation. Professor Sharma also said that the age of retirement in the college cadre had been included in the condition of the seventh pay scale issued by the UGC.

Dr. Arey said that the kind of situation that exists today and after July 2020, more than 150 colleges in the state would not be prescriptive because they don’t have principals as per norms. 

Dr. Arey emphasis  when state  government has made the age of retirement 65 yr in medical education, there should not be any harm in applying it in colleges and state universities. If state government don’t  increase  retirement age 60 to 65, experienced prof and associate prof will move towards centerel universities. 

Arey provided calculated benefit to the state if government increase retirement age of college teachers from 60 to 65. First they will not be given by the state half of the pay as pension  per month upto five yr.  second on the retirement college teacher will get 20 lakh as gratuity, 20 lakh as leave encashment, 30 lakh as commutation of pension thus a total of Rs 70 lakh comes with this. Third amount of state insurance and GPF,  If it is added then the amount of one corer is to be payee by the state govt to the each teacher on retirement which will be deferred upto five yr. at this moment when state government facing severe financial crises it will shift immediate burden of the state.  In next five yr more then 825 college teachers will be retire from determent which will make financial burden of 813 corer rs on state goverment . If the retirement age of college teachers is raised to 65 years, then the immediate financial burden on the state government deferred..

Arey said that after ten years of 1985 in Rajasthan, college teachers were recruited in 1995, due to gap of 10 years of recruitment, today the experience of promotion related to administrative posts / CAS posts, after 1995, selected teachers Not in a position to complete yet. As a result, the situation is likely to remain vacant for the next two years. For the purpose of improving the administrative system of the college, the retirement of 60 to 65 would be in the departmental interest.

 Arey clarified that in the condition of today's corona epidemic, where the financial situation of the state government is terrible, the employees are not being given DA, their salary is being deducted. The government can carry forward its 815 crore load for five years. Arey said that if a teacher retires, then he will have to pay 50% of the amount every month as a pension as well that will also be defered. The state government reduced the burden for next five years if the government's retirement age of colleges teaches is 65 years. At the same time, the level of quality education in the state can also be maintained by increasing the retirement age to 65 years.

  After the arrival of the corona epidemic, in the colleges of the state, between 80 and 120 students are compelled to sit and take education in each class. In the coming time, it will not be possible for a teacher to teach a class more students sitting together.  After this epidemic of the corona, it will not be possible to seat more than 30 to 40 students in classrooms. 

In the coming years in colleges more classes will be required for the students. In such a situation there will be a scarcity of teachers in colleges will take away students from higher education which will be a harmful condition for state government.

The Eeducation in remote areas of Rajasthan not going to provide any extraordinary relief in today's condition. Sate government facing problems on net-based national distribution system and Jan Dhan schemes.  Results of e based system in remote areas of state is not very pleasant.

Arey said that Chief Minister of the state Ashok Gehlot is ground to earth leader he is well known for his sensitivity.  So we hope he will take judicious decision immediately on this long pending issue.    

State higher education minister Bhanvar Singh Bhati assured that soon the retirement age of college teachers would be increased but after spending a long time. The situation of indecision is increasing financial burden on the state government. If state Government not increase retirement age of teacher in higher education very shortly then may be possible higher education system of the state collapsed due to lack of qualified teachers. 

 All the central universities and many states in the country increase retirement age of teachers in higher education as per UGC Norms . Professor Vinod Sharma told that the retirement age of teachers in higher education from 60 years to 65 years already implemented in The Central Universities of the country also in the state of Bihar.


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