Guardian Angels

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02 Oct, 20 09:08
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Guardian Angels

About five months ago, as I squashed out the different blue and green hues from the tubes into my palette, I couldn’t ruminate over the usual pollution concerns or the climate crisis; my mind was pervaded by the impression of a picture I had recently seen. Thus, I decided to transmogrify that picture into a poster for Earth Day. I laid down the strokes with optimistic anticipation: In the next two months everything would come back to normal, lives would pace up, I would be in school, and the wounds of the bitter memories of the pandemic would convalesce. Looking back, I realize that everything did change, but for the worse. The only affirmation that occurred was that the doctor was no longer sitting enervated on Mother Earth; he was now stronger, his head was held high, and he was more determined than ever to save the world.
Since the outbreak of the Covid- 19, doctors have been deemed as the incarnations of God; however, I believe that at the end of the day they are humans who love their children and families, but are working relentlessly because of their commitment to work and the zeal to save humanity. They indeed possess the Godly quality of selflessness. A few days back, I saw the video of a proud but desolate girl of my age, who lost her mother because she succumbed to the virus, which she got while treating her patients. But she did not lose her life in vain; she averted hundreds of other children from experiencing what her daughter did, by saving their parents. Not only in videos, but we witness this every day with our own eyes. My best friend comes from a family of doctors; while my mother caters to my needs all day long, her mother works her fingers to the bone at the government hospital striving to save lives, and when at home, her mother distances herself from her family to ensure its safety. Her elder sister also got her first job as a doctor to treat Covid- 19 patients. I thought that her parents must be intimidated but, selfless as they are, they were proud that their daughter would serve mankind and be called a Covid warrior. Such is the devotion of our doctors, nurses, and policemen. Be it the risk to their lives, dearth of PPE kits, or the arduous working conditions, they are brooking no refusal and are ready to brawl with the Covid-19.
Some people might believe that the outbreak is the wrath of nature; however, I feel that Mother Nature would never expose her children to a deadly virus. This is just another challenge faced by humanity; it is a test that can be passed using unity. Yet, we hear about the pelting of stones and violence against doctors. Can we not reciprocate the empathy of the people trying to save our lives? I believe we can by being a bit more compassionate and realizing how indebted we are to them. As I look at my poster now, I encounter the appalling reality, but also sense the presence of the silver lining of hope, which is given by none other than the guardian angels of Earth in 2020.
- Ananya Gour 

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