Webinar on 'Role of Information and Communication Technology in the current scenario of Covid-19'

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24 Jun, 20 10:19
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Webinar on 'Role of Information and Communication Technology in the current scenario of Covid-19'

Udaipur: A two-day webinar on the importance of Information Communication Technology was launched by the Department of the Community and Behavioral Sciences College of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, on 11 June. Narendra Singh Rathore, Vice-Chancellor, Maharana Pratap, was in the leading hospitality of the University of Agriculture and Technology. Dr. Rathore said that if information and communication technology is used in the right direction, then there can be a revolution in the field of education and information. The Vice-Chancellor identified 19 information technologies as a positive aspect of Covid-19 in which IoT, robotics, QR code, image process, cloud computing, social media, video conferencing, etc. can be used to increase agricultural productivity.
In technical session Dr. Sunil Joshi, Professor and Head of Department, CTAE explained the topic of data usage in agriculture very well and emphasized the importance of sensor-based precision farming. Soil and crop can be monitored using digital technology in agriculture. Crops can be protected from pests, and crops can be harvested at the right time. Dr. Baswaprabhu Geerali, Professor and Head of Department, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, said that information dissemination could be made useful through the medium of information communication.
On the second day of the webinar, Dr. Narendra Singh Rathore, Vice-ChancellorLauding the webinar, ICT described today's need as critical. He said that we could give a new direction to agriculture even in the situation of Covid-19 by making proper use of information and communication technology in agriculture and dissemination. That way, that food supply will be maintained in the country and the financial condition of farmers will also be strengthened. Subsequently, Dr. Saravanan Raj, Director, Management, Hyderabad, discussed various ICT techniques in detail. Dr.S.S. Chahal, former vice-chancellor, Madhya Pradesh, gave his presentation on the topic of ICT in higher education and highlighted the changes in the world of education through the use of information and communication. He said that by using this technique, we could also reach out to students from far-flung areas. Participants' questions were also answered during the webinar. Dr. Ritu Singhvi, the organizer of this webinar, was the founder of the college.
The program was organized by Dr. Rekha Vyas, Co-Director Communication Center. Regarding the usefulness of the webinar, Program Connector Dr. Prakash Panwar, Head of the Department, informed that ICT is very important in this difficult time. Apart from the university, a total of 300 teachers and researchers from all over the country participated in the webinar. 
Thank you offered by  Dr. Visakha Bansal and Dr. Sarla Lakhawat.

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