The balance gets better

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01 Jun, 19 10:41
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The balance gets better

So the country once again will have a pretty solid and stable government for the next five years. This is really good for a country like ours, where there exist huge gaps between systems and the diversity dominates all across the nation.

In such a vast country, any government would at least need a 10-year term to execute their plans and ideas about India. If you put previous years behind, the UPA government was allowed to work for ten years, and now the people of the country have given a 10-year term to the NDA government. The same should be valid for states, but since they are small in sizes, a 5-year time is good enough to show your capabilities. Of course, if a government works fine, people do retain them, and on the same lines, if the performance were not satisfactory, the people in power would find themselves out. No party can be allowed to function for more than five years if they cannot fulfill their promises.

So, do electioneering and propaganda politics works anymore, yes it does. But once upon a time not long ago, people would put more weight behind the promises made by party leaders during elections. But now, the people conduct a 360-degree review of the past performance and then take a decision. As literacy level is rising, people are ignoring the lucrative promises and fake claims. Instead, they seek work done on ground and rationale and feasibility of the promises made by parties. So, when a leader makes a promise, they must come up with a blueprint of the end-to-end process. Mere promises do not work anymore, which is a great development in the biggest democracy of the world.

With that, people have a clear understanding of which elections are meant for what. For their local sewage work or roads not being good, people blame the corporates or members of their legislative assemblies rather than pointing at a member of parliament. But when it comes to thinking about the general elections, they know their candidate could help in forming a government. So, on that front, the idea remains of choosing the central government rather than seeing what the state government has done or has promised.

The biggest difference is the education level, which has made these elections all balanced and development oriented. No matter what stature the leader enjoys based on their past positions, unless they work, they are rejected.

The central theme of democracy is now getting its true colors where people feel accountable when they questions, raise issues and eventually vote their candidate. And on the other hand, the representatives from any level of the government structure feel responsible about their work, money they spent, and promises they failed.

When there is one-sided accountability, the system is bound to fail as it does not find any balance. For a country to walk and run, it must first get its balance right. And this is what we see in these elections. So, in case you lacked on your part of accountability this season, make a resolution to play your role and help the country run. Once the running is in pace and in place, we can certainly fly.

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