The Friendship magic

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02 May, 19 09:22
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The Friendship magic

All the relations of your life are gifted by the God but friendship is something that you gift to yourself. You have full liberty to choose a friend of your choice. And your choice reflects your own personality. People know you more by the kind of friends you have. But then you also have some friends who do not reflect your ideas or thinking. For example, your extrovert friend is a good one when it comes to complementing your own personality. At times you along with one or more friends make a complete life. One such friend could be your wife who shares all the ups and downs with you all the times.

Selection of friends since is in our own hands, we can be choosy and pick the one that complements us. Like minded people can make a great company and we strive to choose such people only as our friends but then there also remains a strong need to have people who are dissimilar to us. But this dissimilarity has a very thin difference from an opposite or unsuitable. A criminal, for example, cannot be your friend unless you are a criminal. But then a singer can be your good friend even though you are a writer or composer or simply not a singer.

Friendship is a unique relationship that does not require any kind of balance. You do not need to return the favour to your friend. It's more about the attitude of giving that prevails in the true friendship. In relations, on the other hand, we need to return the favor. Such favors only become obligatory over the time. If a relative hosted a dinner party for you, you must return with a better party to them. And obviously, such relations only last till the equilibrium is there. The day you stop sending birthday gifts to your cousin, you will also stop receiving the same. But, in friendship, you are not expected to return anything. It's just that you would like to help the friend out of your love, which makes complete sense.

You would notice easily that the married couples who are together with the only institution called marriage and a relation, do not complement each other fully. If you have them speak their heart out, one would be found as the dominator and the other a sacrificer. And the couple who have friendship as a base and not just marriage, make each other happier. Such couples let the other partner live with space. And when you get space and freedom, you know you have a big responsibility to fulfill. Such people do not go wrong or betray each other. Simply because, friends do not betray each other, they only have the idea of respecting and loving each other.

Friendship is the real gift from the Almighty to the human beings. Friendship is flexible and this is why it lasts longer and does not die easily. If you add the flavor of friendship in any relationship you have, you will make it loving and worthy.

A mother who becomes a friend of her daughter allows her to spread her wings and gives enough power to win. A father when becomes friend instills more confidence and love into his children. A boss when is a friend of his employee makes a very positive environment of work. Every relationship, even that of God and his follower, if it is based on friendship, becomes just precious. Try to be a friend today and you will win hearts.

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