Mother's Day: Letter to a Mother

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13 May, 19 06:22
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Mother's Day: Letter to a Mother

I have been reading a lot these days and one such quotation which came across was - “love exists because mothers exist”.

This mother’s day I want to write related to love and mothers. Every mother is loving, caring and has taken a lot of pain from our birth to whatever and wherever we stand today.

In my life love plays an important role and that’s why the above quotation becomes more connecting and effective. Being a mother every mother teaches her child/children to be smart, intelligent, respectful to women and elders, etc. but no mother teaches them to be ill-minded, disrespectful to women or elders. She is a fighter from the day we came into her life as an embryo in her womb, she manages to settle in and adjusts everywhere. 

Why? For her children to be happy and safe. So that she can dream of educating her children and getting them to their true selves. 

Unfortunately, life has a lot of turns and we as children forget what our mother had taught us to be. We forget her loving and tearful eyes. We forget her pain easily and get deviated in life. We forget our true meaning in life and slowly, we forget what a mother means to us. We realise her importance too late, but for her it’s never late.

I have known mothers waiting for their children to realise her importance in life till her last breath, but they simply don’t care.

I feel proud today, that love exists in my life. It does because of my mother, my grandmother and my aunts. Their love has always made me a man with humbleness and kindness.

I have a lot to achieve in life and more than that a lot to do for my mother. 

A week ago, she visited Gurugram and while we were having a family conversation, she asked my sister - “I have raised two sons without their father, sacrificed a lot. Where is my award? (obviously she joked)” 

But, if I reconsider her question, I think being an average student doesn’t give her the award she deserves, earning doesn’t, being educated doesn’t. I mean certainly these things are included in her ‘to-do-list’ but her eyes are still in search of the day where I and my brother are on a platform when her eyes sparkle with pride.

Although, she still feels happy about her upbringing and her care and love as we respect women, are humble and always keep our feet on ground.

So, I will always keep their love in existence and bring it to my daily routine so that she (and her mother and sisters) can always feel proud seeing their children on heights"❤"

Happy Mother’s Day Mom



Source : Kashish Sodhi

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