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18 Sep, 19 09:59
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Gaydon , This is the new ROVER DEFENDER Land Rover Defender.An icon reimagined for the 21st century, it is clever, capable and safe for all the family, and in a category of its own. New Defender is built for adventurous hearts and curiousminds,forthosewhoknow the value of community and strive to make a difference. The unmistakable silhouette is familiar yet new. It looks tough and is tough but designed with purpose and engineered to excite. Iconic in name, shape and capability, Defender canbepersonalised to allow owners to make the most of their world. Across seven decades of pioneering innovation, Land Rovers have earned a unique place in the hearts of explorers, humanitarian agencies and adventurous families across theworld.Proveninthe harshest environments on earth,thenewDefendermaintains this bloodline. Beside the peerless luxuryandrefinementoftheRange Rover family and the highly c a pa b l e a n d v e r s a ti l e Di s c o v e r y SUVs , n ew Defender completes the Land Rover dynasty. The 110 is just the start for this family of the mostcapableanddurable4x4s in the world. It will be swiftly followed by a compact, short wheelbase 90, before a pair of practical commercial models join the line-up in 2020. Driven by a passion and respect for the original, new Defender delivers transformational breadth of capability. Advanced all-terrain technologiesredefineadventurefor the 21st century, remaining truetothepioneeringspiritthat has been a Land Rover hallmark for 71 years. Emotionallychargeddesign A distinctive silhouette makes the new Defender instantly recognisable, with minimal front and rear overhangs providing excellent approach and departure angles. LandRover’sdesigners reenvisioned familiar Defender trademarks for the 21st century, giving the new 4x4 a purposeful upright stance and Alpinelightwindowsintheroof, whileretainingtheside-hinged rear tailgate and externallymounted spare wheel that make the original so identifiable. As a result, the Defender 110 offers five, six or 5+2 seatingconfigurations,withaloadspace behind the second-row seats of up to 1 075 l, and as much as 2 380 l when the secondrowisfolded.TheDefender 90 will be able to accommodate six occupants in a vehiclethelengthofacompactfamily hatchback. User-friendly features include practical touches and advanced technological innovations. Durable rubberised flooring shrugs off the spills of daily adventures and once-ina-lifetime expeditions, providing a brush or wipe clean interior. An optional full-length Folding Fabric Roof provides an open-top feel. It also allows passengers inthesecond-row seats of the Defender 110 to stand up when parked to provide the full safari experience. As a result, the new Defenderredefinesbreadthof capability, raising the threshold for both off-road ruggedness and on-road comfort. It can negotiate crowded city streetsaseffortlesslyas climbing mountains, crossing desertsandwithstandingfreezing temperatures. Its carefullyhonedhandlingdeliversboth arewardingdriveandfirst-class long-haulcomfortacrossallterrains. Achoiceofadvancedpetrol and cleaner diesel engines ensure new Defender has the power, control and efficiency for any environment, while a Plug-inHybridElectricVehicle (PHEV)powertrainwill jointhe range next year providing the prospect of silent EV-only progress. At launch, the petrol lineup comprises a four-cylinder P300 and a powerful six-cylinder P400, featuring efficient Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology.Alternatively, customers can choose from a pair of four-cylinder diesels – the D200andpowerfulD240–both of which deliver fuel economy of 7.6 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 199 g/km (NEDC equivalent). Nick Rogers, Executive Director,ProductEngineering, Jaguar Land Rover, said: "We've embraced Defender's stunning capability and minimalistic, functional interior to reinvent the icon for the 21st century. New Defender gives us the licence to do things differently,topushtheboundaries and do the unthinkable, without ever losing the character and authenticity of the original. From the start we had an absolute obsession with functionalitybeneaththeskin,from choosing the right materials through to state of the art connectivity. The result is not only the most capableLandRoverever made, but also a truly comfortable, modern vehicle that people will love to drive." Felix Bräutigam, Chief Commercial Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “New Defender will be available in 128 global markets and meets orexceeds thetoughestemissionsandsafety requirements in the world. Combining advanced technology and durable mechanical underpinningswehavedeliveredthe toughness and character you can only find in a Defender. Our new 4x4 has been developed for adventurous heartsandcuriousminds.With four personalities to choose from, two body styles and a comprehensive range of options and accessories, customers will be able to personalise Defender to make their ultimate 4x4 companion – whatever their lifestyle.”

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