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26 Jun, 20 10:17
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We are all learning to navigate the new normal and in response, Steelbird helmets  is here to help. The company has launched Face shields which have been exclusively designed and manufactured for kids. Besides, right fit & comfort in wearing, these face shields have been given a touch of kids fancies as they will find their favourite Cartoon Characters of Steelbird Comics series on these shields.
The new range of face shield for kids by Steelbird has a child friendly design that can be adjusted to different head sizes. These Face Shields fit perfectly as they are of the size of kid’s head, comes with Soft Fabric covered layer of PU Foam for Comfort on the forehead.  These are among the longest face shields available in the market which covers the complete face of the child. These face shields are easy to use and the FLIP-UP function allows moving the shield up and down. The anti-scratch coating allows the face shield to be safe from any kind of scratches from persistent use. The unbreakable polycarbonate shield adds to the longevity to the life span of the face shield and makes it more durable.
“Keeping in mind the current scenario of widespread of COVID-19, it has become mandatory for parents to take all the precautions to save their kids from the unwanted bacteria’s, viruses and air borne infections. Thus, we have come up with the face shields for children upto 11 years of age to make sure that they are safe outdoors. While wearing a face shield, the children would remember not to touch their face” said Mr Rajeev Kapur Managing Director, Steelbird Helmets.

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