Hum Nahee Sudharenge... Or Else

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20 May, 21 05:58
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Hum Nahee Sudharenge... Or Else

We are very special. We want to be independent. Freedom is our birth right. Any Kind of restriction simply irritates us. Some of us are so deeply; Freedom Lovers that we even forget to observe normal and natural discipline, civic obligations or normal social courtesy. Another specialty of ours is that we also forget things very quickly. We do not remember things for a longer time. Often, we are to be reminded about our own welfare, benefits and safety. Our Memory is short. We react to things very fast but respond very late. Sometimes we get bored or irritated very soon to the extent that we start scolding people who we think are responsible for current scenario (off course putting ourselves on the other safe side).
Rules are to be followed by all especially by common people, but again some of us take ourselves as very special, and feel pride in breaking the rules and are not prepared to sacrifice our independence for notifications we presume silly.
Our Administration strives hard to provide all possible facilities to us at all the essential levels, i.e. hospitals, civil supplies and securities etc. but while seeking their help, we forget the need to have patience. We have some Administrators on the other hand, who too forget their original rational role. Such things remind me an age old quote “SAMRATH KO NAHEE DOSH GUSAI”( that means , A, capable person has all the privilege to commit errors ,without being blamed for !! ) but it may yet further be extended like- “SAMARATH KO NAHEE HOSH GUSAI”. (The one who has power can become senseless!!)Yes! Unfortunately, sometimes, we see that a bunch of people beholding power don’t have required amount of sense or sensitivity!!They just believe in enjoying their authoritative rights to its fullest! Public too by and large cannot raise their voice against such situations. Common people are supposed to abide by all the rules and regulations silently. But as mentioned above, common people also have special clan in them. They would, without any sense of guilt, either move around in public, wearing no Mask, or would be unaware of keeping physical distance; they won’t even bother to wash their hands regularly. Perhaps Putting Helmets on their heads is a sort of obligation on Traffic Police and not for their own safety. It is high time now when we must evaluate ourselves and realize just how selfish we are getting day by day and yes!..Greedy, many a times we usually don’t even bother about other peoples' inconvenience caused by our own flaws. (Safeguarding the rights of others has almost become out of question). Even in this difficult and task full time, some people are desperate in making maximum profits out of things they posses or services they render. The charges for injections, medical accessories Oxygen cylinders, ambulances etc may be exorbitant to the sufferers but are normal for opportunists in order to earn maximum from their fellow citizens. Common people are so scared and confused that they have to pay the price in multi fold .The so called businessmen have no hesitation in taking full advantage at this time of crisis for its no less than a " Golden opportunity” for them to mint money ! Some Government officials also gladly join the “Group of Human shaped wolfs". Politicians also undoubtedly, take advantage of such conditions in cursing opposites and giving statements as an image building campaign being practiced for years!!
It is soothing to know, that Our Country is still sustaining because of a handful of genuine service providers, well wishers, donors, selfless workers. Along with Doctors, Nurses, Police and Administrators such volunteers are working day and night to assist people in need. I not only appreciate but salute these real angels and heroes who serve the society with full honesty and enthusiasm.
Motivational speakers, selfless doctors, professionals, and artistes are contributing towards moral boosting of our common mass on social Media. Which, for sure, is the need of the hour, as most newspapers and social media is only narrating negative stories that is adding just more mental stress in our terrified society..!!
It is true that nothing is permanent in this world so is this current scenario too. No trouble is greater as compared to the self esteem and courage of human being. . It is very pertinent to convince people that they are Human beings first and humanity asks us to respect and love others encouraging feeling of coexistence. It’s the when we can put limit to our demands and sustain courageous conditions and extend helping life.
I recollect, at this turning point, a popular cine song of movie " Hum Dono," ...'Mai Zindgi ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya'....
A great song (Lyrics by Sahir Ludhiyanvi sahib, Music composed by Jaydev ji sung in the melodious voice by Mohammed Rafi sahib, screened by evergreen hero Dev Anand sahib ).This song not only portrays some great philosophy but also enriches us with strong positive vibes, that is very relevant, specially at the present time.
The time has come, my dear friends! when each one of us has to come over of our tiny greed and wants, forget our selfish goals , flimsy boundaries of our political, religious or social arena, and unite our selves to combat Covid -19 and the fresh Cyclone Taukte with patience, courage and high morale. I am sure!..We shall overcome the dark...as this song underlines- .. ."Woh Subaha Zaroor Aayegee.."
I desperately dream for good health and prosperity of people of India,.
We are blessed with Many Social and Cultural activities, festivals to go ahead, ample opportunities to prove our worth as ambassadors of happiness and peace as artistes, craft persons, workers, laborers, professionals, Institutions, students, teachers and administrators!! Let all of us join, start working with missionary spirit and Zeal for the benefit of our society and Humanity and proclaim - "Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah ..Sarve Santu Niramayah,...Sarve Bhadrani Pashayntu ...Maa Kaschyit Dukkha bhagbhavet....!! That means
" May all of us be blissful... !
May all of us be healthy and happy. ..!
May all of us witness noble.. !
May No single one from within us, be
the subject of sorrow !!
Aameen!! ------

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