Hindustan Zinc ‘Investing in our Planet’ for a sustainable future

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08 May, 22 09:44
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Hindustan Zinc ‘Investing in our Planet’ for a sustainable future

Udaipur: Sustainable developmentisanintegralpart of Hindustan Zinc’s business philosophythus ‘Investing in ourPlanet’Earthisacorefocus for the company as there is no planet B. The company has taken a holistic view in setting the sustainability goals 2025 and over the next five years, they will focus on expanding thework towards creatingpositive changes. As a part of its Sustainable Developmentgoals,Hindustan Zinc fosters innovation in the pursuit of a ZERO HARM ecosystem, conservation of resources, improvement of health, safety, and sustainabilitypracticesacrossitsoperations. The company focuses on five core elements water, climate change, waste, energy andbiodiversitymanagement, setting targets for each and directing our efforts towards improvingprocessesandtechnologies. Little drops make the mighty ocean - Water is a necessitywhich warrants maximum efforts for its conservation as well as p r o p e r m a n a g e m e n t. Hindustan Zinc understandsthe importance and adopts best practices for making judicious use of water and conserving it. The company constantly looks to enhance and improveits water use efficiency by using less water-intensive technologies and maximisingwaterrecycling opportunities to help minimise the use of freshwater. As a water positive company, Hindustan Zinc operatesSewageTreatmentPlants (STP) in Udaipur. With a current capacity of 60 MLD, the STP can treat nearly all the sewage in the city and deliver processed water that can be reused at the company's plant.Thecompany’sRO-ZLD plant at Zinc Smelter Debari eliminates waste & discharge andrecycles waterforreuse in the company's operations Yet another noteworthy water conservation effort initiatedbyHindustanZincarethe rainwater harvesting structures at the company's RampuraAguchaMine(RAM). These structures enable rainwater harvesting and help replenish water within local watersheds to help Hindustan Zinc further reduce freshwater consumption. Combating Climate Change Cl imate change and extreme weather trends have been recognised as one of the key risks faced by humanity. HindustanZinchas takenconcretestepstowardstacklingclimate change. The dedicated environmental sustainability efforts has led the company to take on the role of ‘COP26 Business Leader’ in shaping the agenda for COP 26. Thecompanyhadlaunched its firstTask Force on Climaterelated Financial Disclosures (TCFD)ReportbasedonTCFD recommendations and guidance to align their reporting process with best practice of global climate reporting. Further, demonstrating its pledgetoassistthefightagainst climate change, Hindustan Zinc has committed to the long-term target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 in alignment with the ScienceBased Target initiative (SBTi). Hindustan Zinc understands that the pursuit of environmental sustainability must be multifaceted and that is why biodiversity conservation too is an important aspect of the company's green efforts. To that end, Hindustan Zinc joinedtheTaskforceonNaturerelated Financial Disclosures (TNFD)forumandhasentered athreeyear-longengagement with TNFD partner, the International Union for ConservationofNature(IUCN). Hindustan Zinc's ingenuity inthis regardisalsowitnessed in the fact that it repurposes waste generated at its facilities for construction of roads. The company also holds a US patent for manufacturing of paver blocks from process wastewhichisauniquemodel of creating livelihood opportunities for its communities. BringingSmartSolutions to Operations To realize its dream to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 Hindustan zinc is investing in the latest technologies benchmarkingglobalpractices and bringing subject matter experts on board. the company is all set to invest $1 billion to turn its mining operations environment-friendly. To this regards the company has signed an MoU withNormet GroupOy andEpiroc DrillsAB to deploy EVs for production & front-line servicing in their underground mines. HindustanZincalsounderstands the journey towards decarbonisation needs more than just replacing underground frontline vehicles with electric alternatives and has a fleet of electric scooters for security staff, passengerEVs, and underground serviceEVs for mines. The company is conscious about the fact that switching to renewable power helps in reducing carbon emissions to half and has undertaken ₹350 crore-investment project in renewableenergy forits smelting operations. Towards this goal, the company has approved the proposal for entering long term group captive Renewable Power development plan up to a capacity of 200MW.

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