'Vedanta Udaipur World Music Festival 2020' concludes

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18 Feb, 20 10:39
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'Vedanta Udaipur World Music Festival 2020' concludes

Udaipur: The 5th edition of India's biggest world music festival, 'Vedanta Udaipur World Music Festival' concluded on Sunday. Earlier in the morning, the festival started at the Maji Ka Ghat,AmbaraiGhat,withclassical singer Ravi Joshi performing devotional music. He presentedcompositions inthe morning raga Bilaskhani Todi and Mianji's Todi. Thesearetraditionalragas composed by Bilsakhan, son of Emperor Akbar's famous court musician Mian Tansenji, which reflects the mood of compassion. During this time, Ravi also produced in Raag Bahar,whichdepictsthecheerfulmoodwelcomingthespring season. He concluded his recital by Pandit Kumar Gandharva's Nirgun Bhajan. Afterthis,MikoKendisperformed music from the Kurdistan region. His music containedthestory,song,epic, and mythology of the Kurdish people. He played his musical lute with his partner François Cleve, who was accompanying him on percussion. The audience well received his music. The program started in the afternoon on Fatehsagar Pal withaHindipopfusion.Heperformed Malayalam and Hindi mix songs. Her first song was from the albumAnga released last year, which is also her debut album. He garnered a lot of applause from the audience by presenting the songs 'Pag Me Bandhe Ghungharu,' 'Kyun Tu Bole himself,' 'Jogi' and 'Balma.' Subsequently, Satsuma from Russia performed Folk Karelian music fromRussia.Hecaptivatedthe audienceby singingthesongs 'Country' and 'Yes of Course' in Finnish in Finnish. The final p e rfo r m a n c e wa s b y ArunachaliMusicalPrinceTaba Chake, who mesmerized the audience with his pop music. Taba performed beautiful songs like 'InWadis,' 'Morning Sun,' 'Meri Dastan' and 'This is the Day.' In the evening at Gandhi Ground, New Delhi's Advaita performedIndieFusionwithher band.Heperformedthesongs 'Mora Saiyan Mose Bole Na' and'ChhananChhananBaje.' Afterthis,Bollywoodplayback singer, lyricist, and composer Nikita Gandhi performed the Bollywood song. Thethree-day festival concludeswithaSpanishpopperformance by Oaks Grass of Spain.Thethemeofthe5theditionwas'Wearetheworld:unity in diversity'. One hundred fifty global artists from Spain, France, Kurdistan, Portugal, Mali,Russia,Switzerland,participated in it. The festival was attended by visitors from Kerala, Abu Dhabi, Delhi, MadhyaPradesh,Gujaratand Mumbai,who enjoyed the festival very strongly.

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