G D Goenka International School Students made all-terrain vehicle (ATV)

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06 Nov, 19 06:07
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G D Goenka International School Students made all-terrain vehicle (ATV)

Udaipur: Students of G D. Goenka International School Udaipur have made All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) under the guidance of brilliant teachers, showing their amazing engineering skills. Inthepress conferenceheldShaluBabbar, Principal of GD. Goenka International School, told that school children are helped to develop a scientific approach from the primary classroom level, to experimentally understand the tools of their choice at school and develop new models according to their mental abilities. Under this, the children together have created the All Terrain Vehicle-ATV, which is also amazing in appearance and its utility is excellent. Shalu Babbar said that it took five months to materialize the plan for the construction of such a vehicle. Many parts of this vehicle were sourced from abroad. The entire project was prepared by the students assembling themselves, showing the brilliance of their engineering. She said that by showing skills in this way, children can not only contribute to the development of the country, but can also establish their original identity as successful students.Inthisendeavour,junior studentsalso shared their experiences under the guidance of senior studentsandplayedtheirroleineverything from design to vehicle preparation. It was the students who proposed the project to the management and completed it underthe guidance of skilled teachers. Shalu Babbar congratulated the teachers, especially Ms.Priyanka (Project Coordinator), students and the entire Goenka team for this project and for making such efforts in future to help the students to become successful citizens for the 21st century. she said that the allterrain vehicle is a four-wheel vehicle that can run smoothly on bumpy ground. It has four wheels so it is also known as quad bicycle. Before making this bike-like quad bicycle, students studied it deeply under the guidance of teachers later discussed about theParts.After that, parts were called from abroad. The most important thing is that all the parts are according to the standards of the European Council. Theydonot causeanyharmfulemissions.After that,thepartieswereassembledinschool itself. The beauty of the holistic approach of the projectisthatthechildrenoftheprimaryalsoencouraged the excitement by making a sketch of thisprojectaccordingtotheirimaginations.This multipurpose vehicle will be used for various tasks including monitoring, visualization in the huge campus of the school. Children will also be able to view the site. It has a 250 cc four stroke engine and a 7.5 liter tank.

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