A awareness campaign and survivors meet organized

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06 Nov, 19 06:07
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A awareness campaign and survivors meet organized

On Monday, the Geetanjali Neurosciences Center of Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital, Udaipur, is trying to carry out a "BE FAST" campaign related to stroke that aims to spread awareness among people about stroke. For which Stroke Awareness and SURVIVOR meet was organized at Hotel Golden Tulip, Sardarpura. In which Neuro International came from America. Blaise Baxter was the chief guest and experts from Geetanjali Neuroscience Center Neurologist- Dr. Renu Khamesra, Neurologist and Epileptologist - Dr. Anees Zuckkalwala, Neurologist - Dr. Vinod Mehta, Neuro Vesicular Intensive Radiology - Dr. Sitaram Barath, Neurosurgeon - Dr. , Dr. Govind Mangal, and C.E.O. Tamboli and Stroke Survivors and the public participated extensively. Blaise Baxter said that as the problem of stoke is increasing in today's new era, many treatments of stoke have also been eliminated. He told that by giving importance to time, the sooner we get treatment on time, the more successful treatment can be. He told that 10 to 8 people have a blood vein ruptured stoke, also told about the treatment of schema stoke andhaemorrhagestoke.Canbedonebymechanicalthrombectomy technique.it is a boon in the treatment of stoke. Where did finds the symptoms of stroke, immediately reached the Stoke Ready Hospital and kept his life healthy for not coming to Stoke. Doctor Renu Khamesra told that the stroke can be in some form right now. He explains all the symptoms of BE FAST where blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, TB, HIV, vein closure or vein rupture, chronic injury. Symptoms lead to stroke and this should be taken care of. Once a stroke has occurred, there is a possibility of it coming back, so he continued his treatment. At the same time, Neurologist andEpileptologist, Dr.Anees ZukkalwalaexplainedthecampaignofBEFASTthat(B)means if the balance is deteriorated, (E) means not visible to the eyes, (F) means hanging of the face, ( A) means hanging off the arm, (S) means difficulty in speaking and the last most important (T) means that as soon as all the above symptoms are seen in the patient, immediately take him to a stroke ready hospital. Emphasizingthesymptomsof stroke,NeetrologistDr.Vinod Mehta said that as soon as the symptoms of stroke are seen in the patient, then one should immediately go to the Stroke Ready Hospital so that the patient can be treated quickly, while sharing the information that Gitanjali The hospital is also a stroke ready hospital where necessary facilities are available for 24X7 stroke. Which includes a team of neuroscience specialists, CT, MRI and Keith Lab. Dr.SitaramBarath,NeuroVascularInternationalRadiologist explained about the treatment of stroke and explained that the treatment of stroke depends mainly on two things, how much block has occurred in the nerve and how long. If the patient has blockage in the small vein and is brought to the hospital within 4 hours and can be injected and clotting so that the vein resumes and in another case in which the time is above 4 hours. And the blockage is in a large vein in which case the clot can be ejected from the vein by current. This procedure is called mechanical thromobectomy. On the other hand, neurosurgeon Dr. Govind Mangal told about the hemorrhage stroke, due to increase in blood pressure in this stroke, the fine vein of the brain bursts in depth and the patient goes into a coma. He also told that at some point it Stroke used to happen only in old age, but nowadays due to the change in routine, there is a lot happening in the youth too, the most prominent of this stroke. Moment is that it is the patient becomes unconscious and comes attack of paralysis in one side of the body. At the same time neurosurgeon Dr. Uday Bhowmick clarified that the most important role of a neurosurgeon when a hemorrhage is stroke is that at which time the patient is to be operated or how to handle it, the team of neuroscience is there. Yes or no? He also told that awareness of heart stroke has arrived but it is very important to be aware of stroke. It is also stated that there is a type of brain haemorrhage in which a balloon is formed in the veins which is a serious condition for the patient in which he can also go into a coma.

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