Enhance Effectiveness Through Innovations in Training

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05 Jan, 24 09:39
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Enhance Effectiveness Through Innovations in Training

In the review meeting chaired by Kirti Rathore, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Council, emphasized the integration of technological advancements and innovations to make training programs more effective. Encouraged by the success of trainees who established a Pattal (leaf plate) unit in Salumbar, she suggested the establishment of similar units in each block of the district, collaborating with officials from the Agriculture Science Center and the Agriculture Department.
Rathore also urged the coordination with various departments to tailor training programs based on the needs, ensuring maximum benefit for participants. She emphasized the importance of post-training opportunities, connecting youth with self-employment options.
Additionally, Rathore proposed the establishment of training programs in the Udaipur region for sectors such as marble processing, cutting, and other areas, as discussed in the previous meeting. The meeting was attended by representatives from various departments, including agriculture, animal husbandry, women's empowerment, and industry. Amar Dixit, the Joint Director of ARSETI, provided insights into the institute's progress, highlighting successful initiatives in various fields such as beauty parlour management, mobile repairing services, custom jewelry entrepreneurship, dairy farming, vermicompost making, electrical motor rewinding, domestic appliance services, fast-food stall entrepreneurship, paper bag, and envelope making, and more.
Rathore praised the efforts of ARSETI and urged the coordination of various departments to conduct training programs that cater to the diverse needs of the community. She also stressed the importance of providing information about different loan facilities available for trainers and facilitating eligible individuals to avail themselves of these opportunities. The meeting concluded with gratitude expressed by Sharad Mathur of ARSETI.

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