Lake City Blooms with Tourists in the Waning Days of December

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05 Jan, 24 09:39
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Lake City Blooms with Tourists in the Waning Days of December

In the closing days of December, the renowned Lake City is witnessing a delightful influx of tourists, adding to its distinctive identity on the global tourism map. Visitors from across the country and beyond are currently indulging in the pleasures of Udaipur's primary tourist destinations.
Due to winter vacations and the ongoing tourist season in Udaipur, the Monsoon Palace and the Organic Garden at Sajjangarh, located in the charming Sajjangarh, have experienced a surge in tourist footfall over the past four days. In this duration, a remarkable 21,117 tourists explored these sites, contributing to a revenue of ₹29,04,320 from December 22 to December 25.
The Deputy Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) informed that, just like every year, the Abhyaranaya Sajjangarh, a part of the Forest Department, has been captivating tourists arriving from various parts of the world and the country in December. This year, to cater to the convenience of tourists visiting Monsoon Palace Sajjangarh and the Organic Garden Sajjangarh, the department established the first-ever Tourist Range in the Sajjangarh Main Gate in October. This initiative aims to streamline traffic and make tickets easily accessible by setting up two ticket windows in the parking area for Monsoon Palace Sajjangarh and Organic Garden Sajjangarh. The department has also deployed staff and home guards for the convenience of tourists and the orderly management of tourist vehicles.
From December 22 to December 25, Monsoon Palace Sajjangarh welcomed a total of 13,554 tourists, contributing to a revenue of ₹26,48,530. Simultaneously, the Organic Garden witnessed 7,463 visitors, generating a revenue of ₹2,55,790 for the department. The Deputy Conservator of Forests mentioned that the flow of tourists is continuous, and the department expects a sustained tourist presence for the next one to two weeks.

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