Brighter Faces from the Heartfulness Institute's Meditation Camp

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10 Nov, 23 07:25
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Brighter Faces from the Heartfulness Institute's Meditation Camp

Udaipur: The Heartfulness Institute Udaipur concluded a three-daymeditationcamporganizedfortheresidentsofArchie Arcade Apartments. Dr. Tuktak Bhanavat, the Chairman, informed that under the leadership of RAS officer and Heartfulness trainerMukeshKalal,athree-daymeditationcamp was organized. On the first day,relaxation and meditation were taught. Videos of KamleshD.Patel,the Global Guide of Heartfulness,andthe h e a d q u a rte r s a t Kanha Shanti Van were also presented. On the second day, self-purification practices and meditation were conducted under the guidance of zone coordinator Lata Patel, who was present during the session.The third day focused on prayer, meditation, and meditation practices, led by zone coordinator Madhu Mehta. Discussions were held on topics like the main elements of meditation,pranahutienergy, cleanmeditation,dealingwiththoughts during meditation, and how to practice regularly. Dr. Rakesh Dashora, the center coordinator, shed light on these topics. The highlight of the third day was the Brighter MindShowpresentedbythechildrenoftheHeartfulnessInstitute, withVarunikaSinghvi leading the way.Participants were astonished by activities such as brain exercises, recognizing numbers on charts, color recognition, reading numbers from notes, and book reading, among others. Trainer Mukesh Kalal thanked everyone and announced the commitment to hold a weekly collective meditation every Wednesday evening in the Archie Arcade Hall for physical, mental, and spiritual balance. After the three-day meditation camp, all participants had brighter faces and expressed their commitment to developing the art of living a balanced life in a physical, mental, and spiritual way. The camp was greatly supported by the organization's volunteers, including Abhay Jain, Ranjana Bhanavat, Deepak Menaria, Roshandeep, and others.

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