Boiling Udaipur, Not Warming Up

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10 Nov, 23 07:02
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Boiling Udaipur, Not Warming Up

Udaipur: Dr. P.C. Jain, a water conservation advocate,demonstrated the rooftop rainwater harvesting systeminstalledatLokmanya Tilak B.Ed College, Dubok, to students. He explained how rainwater, collected on the rooftop, is channeled into a tube well to rechargethegroundwater.Thisprocess,when effectively implemented, helps raise the water table, which, in turn, contributes to cooler land temperatures. Furthermore, with adequate treeplantation,thetreesabsorbandretainwater in their roots, reducing local temperatures. Today, Udaipur faces challenges due to deforestation and declining green cover, contributing to rising temperatures in the region. To mitigate this and combat increasing temperatures,it'sessentialtoimplementcost-effective and straightforward techniques, such as recharging rainwater into the ground, preventing Udaipur from boiling up. Participants intheprogramincludedSeema Shek, Piyush Meghwal, Pawan Vaishnav, NishantSingh,PoojaDangi,andNirmalPaliwal.

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