Janata Sena secured a victory in committee elections

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10 Nov, 23 06:58
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Janata Sena secured a victory in committee elections

Udaipur: Before the state assembly elections, the Janata Sena secured a victory in committee elections inSavna andSangarpura Kanod, which could potentially be a significant advantagefor JanataSenasupporters.Despite the current Congress government and legislators in place, the Janata Sena-affiliated individuals have taken control of the Gram Seva Sahkari Samitis. In Savna, Bhindar, the Janata Sena-affiliated Nirvirodh won the position of president. In addition to this, the vice president's position went to Laluram Dangi, and the following members were also elected: Unkarlal Ravat, Harisingh Sisodiya, Ramlal Ravat,Amarsingh Ranawat, Ramubai, Ramlal Meena, Savlal Dangi,Bhagwatsingh,DeuBai.TheGramSeva Sahkari Samiti in Savna now appears to have a Janata Sena influence before the elections, which seems to be a significant shift in favor of Janata Sena, going against the Congress. Similarly, in Sangarpura Kanod in the Bhindar constituency, the Janata Sena supporters successfully took control. Prakash Chand Jat was elected as the Nirvirodh president. The vice president was Chaganlal Shrimalli, and the elected members included RamlalMeena,LakshmilalGurjar,PemaJatia, KalulalGurjar,Karansingh,Navalsingh,Lalibai, Mangilal Bhil, and Arjunsingh. Notably, ever sincetheformationofthecommittee,Congressaffiliated members have consistently held the president's position. However, the Janata Sena-affiliated president in these committee elections before the state assembly elections is a significant blow to Congress. This shift in leadership of the Gram Seva Sahkari Samitis indicates changing political dynamics in the region, setting the stage for aninterestingcompetitionintheupcomingstate assembly elections

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