Sanatan Chaturmas - 54 Kund Maa Baglamukhi Mahayagya Commences

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10 Nov, 23 06:54
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Sanatan Chaturmas - 54 Kund Maa Baglamukhi Mahayagya Commences

Udaipur  : Starting on Sunday, the Navaratri ritual marks the beginning of the Sanatan ChaturmasattheBadbarshwar Mahadev Temple in Balicha, Udaipur. Alongside, the constructionof54kunds (ritualfire pits) has already been completed in the Saptadweep Yajnashala.Thesacredyagna ceremony, set to last for nine days, has seen the arrival of over 200 Acharyas (spiritual leaders)fromalloverthecountry. Media coordinator Manoj Joshi mentioned that the Sanatan Chaturmas is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Baglamukhi, the bestoweroffulfillingalldesires, world peace, prosperity, strength for India, and social harmony.BeforetheYagnaritual,aKalashYatraprocession wa s c o n d u c te d fr o m GoverdhanSagartotheYajna venue.Theyagna,whichstartedonSundayat8AM,will continueuntil2PM.Devotees can perform parikrama (circumambulation) of theYajnashala during the ceremony, which is considered significant. After the yagna, from 2 PM to 5 PM, theDeviBhagavatPuranKatha will be narrated by Acharya Kamal Kishor Banaras Wale. Themainsponsorforthiskatha is Ram Singh Khetavat from Ahmedabad. Before the yagna commenced, a Kalash Yatra was carried out, starting at 7 AM on Sunday, and going on till 2 PM. During the ceremony, devoteesupholdcertainrules, including fasting, practicing celibacy, and abstaining from shaving and the use of soap. Kalacharya Mai Baba, in the presence of local Acharyas, issued directions and supervised the mahayagna. Mahesh Chashak, secretaryoftheSarvSamajSanatan Chaturmas Samiti, revealed that during the mahayagna, theyhaveconstructedsixtypes of kunds, with nine each in every type. These include the Chatushkund, Trikon Kund, Yonikund,ArdhChandraKund, Shatkone Kund, andAshtadal Kamal Kund, each holding its own significance. OrganizingChiefHimanshu Bansal added that during this Sa n a ta n Ch a tu r m a s , Jagadguru Shankaracharya Narendranand Saraswati of KashiSumeruPeethwillgrace the ceremony. He is expected to arrive on the evening of October22.OnOctober23and 24,hewillgiveblessingsatthe Yajnashala. A special puja of Aparajita and Shami will also be held on October 24 during the Purnahuti

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