Special Gram Sabhas Held in Rajasthan to Promote Child Rights and End Child Marriage

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26 Oct, 23 11:23
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Special Gram Sabhas Held in Rajasthan to Promote Child Rights and End Child Marriage

special Gram Sabhas (village assemblies) were organized in various Gram Panchayats of the tribal region, focusing on the issues relatedtochildren.This initiative, aimed at ensuring child protection and raising awareness about child rights, has been widely appreciated in the state.Dr. Shailendra Pandya, a former member of the Rajasthan Children's Commission and a child rights specialist, commended the efforts to include discussions on children's issues in the Gram Sabhas. He emphasized that nearly half of the state's population consists of children under the age of 18, andwithout safeguardingtheir rights, the task of nation-building becomes impossible. Speaking at the Gram SabhaheldinKhakhad,Jhadol Panchayat Samiti in Udaipur district, Dr. Pandya paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri on their birthanniversaries.Heinvoked Mahatma Gandhi's vision of GramSwaraj(villageself-rule) andcalledfortheestablishment of a child violence-free society under this vision.Aashita Jain,thecoordinatorofGayatri SevaSansthan,explainedthat the Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Department of the Rajasthan government had issued an order on September22,2023,directing all district officials to organize GramSabhasonOctober2nd, aligningwiththeaspirationsof Nobel laureate Kai lash Satyarthi to make the society child marriage-free.Nitin Paliwal, the regional coordinator, shared that a total of 28 GramPanchayats intheentire regionconductedspecialGram Sabhaswheremorethan3,000 people pledged to work towa r d s m a k i n g th e ir Panchayats child marriagefree. Children actively participatedintheseassembliesand shared their experiences, addressing issues related to education, safety, and sports facilities in their localities. These Gram Sabhas were attended by Sarpanches (vill a g e h e a d s ), De p u t y Sarpanches,WardPanchayat members, villagers, and representativesfromGayatriSeva Sansthan.Attheconclusionof th e s e a s s e m b l i e s , th e Sarpanchandrepresentatives of the Gram Panchayat were thanked and acknowledged by Gayatri Seva Sansthan for their commitment to this noble cause.The initiative to raise awareness about child rights and combat child marriage through Gram Sabhas is a significant steptowardsensuring a safer and more prosperous future for the children of Rajasthan.

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