The 40th grand free marriage ceremony

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21 Sep, 23 10:51
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The 40th grand free marriage ceremony

Udaipur, The 40th grand free marriage ceremony held at Seva Mahatirtha in Badi, organized by Narayan Seva Sansthan, brought immense joy and transformed the lives of 54 disabled and economically disadvantaged couples. The event was a dream come true for these young men and women who had longed for the companionship and happiness that marriage could bring.
Despite their physical disabilities, these couples embarked on the journey of marital bliss, supporting each other and leaving behind the challenges of disability and poverty. Their determination to find happiness in each other's company was truly inspiring.
In the midst of grand arrangements, thousands of guests from all corners of the country, along with relatives, friends, and well-wishers, poured their love and blessings on the newlyweds, making the occasion even more special and emotional.
The event was graced by the presence of Narayan Seva Sansthan's founder, Padmashree Alankrit Shri Kailash 'Manav,' co-founder Kamala Devi, President Prashant Aggarwal, Director Vandana Aggarwal, Trustee Directors Jagdish Arya, Devendra Chaubisa, Rajendra Kumar, Palak Aggarwal, and more than 1500 guests and generous donors from various parts of the country.
Under the watchful eyes of Chief Acharya Satyanarayan, the couples were married on 54 altars and fire pits built in the grand pandal, following Vedic mantras and rituals. The entire process was beautifully executed by a team of 54 associate teachers.
After the marriage ceremony, the newlyweds were showered with gifts and blessings. They received essential items for their new homes, as well as gold and silver jewelry, including mangalsutra, bangles, cloves, earrings, rings, silver anklets, toe rings, and more. Additionally, they were gifted household items such as gas stoves, beds, cupboards, chests, utensils, sewing machines, and water tanks.
The day concluded with a heartwarming farewell as the couples, now united in matrimony, were sent off in traditional wedding dolis with the blessings of well-wishers. They were transported to their respective cities and villages in vehicles provided by the institution.

This mass marriage ceremony not only symbolized love and togetherness but also served as a powerful reminder that love knows no bounds, and with determination and support, every dream can come true. The event was a testament to the compassion and dedication of Narayan Seva Sansthan in transforming lives and spreading happiness among those in need.

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