Shabd Rang Exhibition Concludes with a Resolve to Enhance Artistic Creation

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21 Sep, 23 10:49
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Shabd Rang Exhibition Concludes with a Resolve to Enhance Artistic Creation

Udaipur A seminar of creative minds in the field of art concluded the five-day Shabd Rang exhibition at the Information Center's art gallery on Friday evening, organized under the auspices of Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi. The seminar offered insights into the abstract nature of art and its connection to literature and creativity.
Speakers at the seminar discussed the abstract as the original form of the universe, drawing parallels to the curiosity of the musk deer. Just as the deer searches for musk fragrance outside itself while wandering in the forest, the concrete form of the abstract also exists within, and understanding this abstract concept is the essence of art.
The Shabd Rang exhibition, which commenced on August 28, featured the works of renowned painters who brought the creations of famous poets to life with vibrant colors. Art enthusiasts, creative’s, and art lovers from various regions, including Udaipur, visited the exhibition during its five-day run, praising this innovative initiative by the academy.
The concluding day of the exhibition featured a seminar with well-known artists, architects, and literary figures, who shared their perspectives on the relationship between art and literature.
Key Takeaways from the Seminar:

- Sharing Pain Sustains Arts: RJ Rajat emphasized that art is rooted in emotions and that as long as people share each other's pain, feelings will remain alive, fueling artistic creation.
- Art and Literature Connection: Senior painter Raghunath Sharma pointed out that literature and art are interconnected, both being forms of expression. Combining words and colors is a promising innovation for the future of art.
- Abstract vs. Concrete: Madansingh Rathore highlighted that the fundamental essence of art is shape, not form. By merging words and colors, the exhibition aimed to restore the prominence of shape through abstract expression.
- Understanding Abstraction: Joint Director of Public Relations Dr. Kamlesh Sharma drew parallels between computer binary code and the creator's ability to transform the abstract into a concrete form through imagination and feelings.
The seminar offered valuable insights into the world of art, emphasizing the importance of preserving artistic sensibilities and fostering creativity. The event concluded with artists expressing their commitment to art by etching letters on canvas.
The seminar also included live portrait sessions, with painter Navalsingh Chauhan creating a live portrait of a literary figure. The participating artists were honored for their contributions during the exhibition, showcasing the synergy between words and colors in the world of imagination.

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