Life Is Half a Glass of Water, Always See It Full - Saint Shri Lalitprabh Ji

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21 Sep, 23 10:47
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Life Is Half a Glass of Water, Always See It Full - Saint Shri Lalitprabh Ji

Udaipur - National Saint Mahopadhyay Lalitprabh Sagar Maharaj shared profound wisdom, emphasizing the importance of positivity, simplicity, sweetness in speech, and wearing a smile as the key mantras to lead a joyful life. Speaking to devotees during a special sermon-satsang held at Chaugan Temple near the Shiksha Bhawan intersection on Saturday, he expressed that while there are countless scriptures and temples in the world, and numerous saints with their teachings, embracing these four mantras can make one the happiest person on Earth.
Saint Pravar conveyed the analogy of life being like a half-filled glass of water. He encouraged people to see it as half full to cultivate happiness, rather than focusing on the half that is empty. He suggested that if someone's spouse is upset, they should consider the blessing of having a spouse, as many people are single. He also advised that if someone has a dark complexion, they should appreciate the protection from the evil eye. When facing losses, one should ponder on the positive aspects of life.

Becoming a Master of Simplicity: In his teachings about simplicity, Saint Shri Lalitprabh Ji emphasized that individuals with simple natures can easily win the hearts of strangers, while those with complicated natures struggle to find acceptance even within their own families. He encouraged people to develop good natures and reminded them that only those with a sweet nature can enter the kingdom of heaven.
Sweeten Your Tongue: Saint Shri Lalitprabh Ji encouraged the practice of speaking kindly and with a sweet tongue rather than resorting to harsh or hurtful language. He explained how a sweet tongue can rectify numerous wrong actions, citing the analogy of the tongue and teeth. The tongue, being soft, comes first and remains until the end, whereas teeth, being hard, come later and are the first to depart. Therefore, people should aim to be soft like the tongue and not hard like teeth, as those who use their tongue wisely are respected everywhere, while those who misuse it face humiliation.
The sermon-satsang held at Chaugan Temple provided valuable insights into leading a fulfilling and harmonious life. On Sunday, a similar gathering is scheduled to take place at Mahavir Colony Park on Bedla Road, in front of the Saiphon intersection, to further promote interfaith love and unity.
The teachings of Saint Shri Lalitprabh Ji inspire individuals to embrace positivity, simplicity, kindness, and a cheerful disposition as they navigate life's journey.

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