Conservation of Lakes: A Collective Responsibility, Emphasizes Collector

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21 Sep, 23 10:47
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Conservation of Lakes: A Collective Responsibility, Emphasizes Collector

Udaipur - District Collector Arvind Poswal convened a meeting on Saturday with prominent hotel operators and management in the Collectorate Auditorium to discuss and draft a policy for boat operations aimed at preserving the environmental balance of the city's lakes, in accordance with the guidelines of the National Lake Conservation Authority. During the discussion, he provided crucial instructions and guidance.

Municipal Corporation Commissioner Mayank Manish briefed attendees on the committee meeting held on July 31, 2023, based on the National Lake Conservation Authority's directives, where it was decided to prepare a draft policy for monitoring boat operations in the lakes.
District Collector Poswal gathered information about the city's major hotels, including details about the number of rooms, guests, the permissible number of boats, the status of alternative road routes to access the hotels, and whether the engines of boats operated by hotels met the prescribed standards. All hotel operators assured that they would fully adhere to the guidelines. The District Collector also instructed them to obtain a certificate from an authorized agency confirming compliance.
Collector Poswal stressed that lake conservation is a collective responsibility, and everyone must play a significant role in this endeavor. He acknowledged that Udaipur enjoys global recognition due to tourism, and therefore, efforts would be made to formulate guidelines that are acceptable to all stakeholders.
The meeting also addressed several important topics, including the potential purchase of additional dredging machines by the UIT to enhance lake cleaning efforts and the installation of floating fountains to maintain oxygen levels in the lakes. The discussions also touched upon lake and environmental conservation, tourism infrastructure, and beautification initiatives.
Among those present at the meeting were Municipal Corporation Revenue Inspector Vijay Jain, along with hotel operators Ravindra Singh, Bhopal Singh, Surendra Singh, Praveen Singh, Lokesh Jain, Vikram Singh, Balveer Singh Naruka, Chandrabhanu Singh, Vishwavijay Singh, and others. This collaborative effort aims to ensure the sustainable preservation of Udaipur's iconic lakes for future generations

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