Empowering Girls Through Coding Training"

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13 Sep, 23 10:28
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Empowering Girls Through Coding Training"

On Wednesday, Udaipur, August 23 - Vidya Bhavan in Udaipur inaugurated a distinctive program called "Abhilasha". The Abhilasha program aims to equip girls from rural and town areas, who have completed their 10th to 12th grade with coding skills equivalent to a B.Tech degree in Computer Science. The program aspires to fulfill their dreams.
Around 100 girls from 86 towns and villages across districts like Alwar, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, Bayawar, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Rajsamand, Jalor, Karauli, Bikaner, Kota, Tonk, and Nagaur are part of this training initiative at Vidya Bhavan. Most of these girls come from underprivileged backgrounds, with limited access to educational facilities and opportunities. Many are first-generation learners, and several have completed their education up to the 12th grade within their families.
These girls, who predominantly study in government schools in distant villages and towns, will be able to reach careers in software engineering, analytics, and other ambitious fields after receiving coding training.
The comprehensive 15-month "Abhilasha" residential program aims to provide these girls with essential skills, self-confidence, practical experience, and knowledge necessary to tackle real-life challenges. The program also guarantees initial employment opportunities ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 rupees per month, facilitating their rapid career growth.
The inauguration event for the Abhilasha program, held at Vidya Bhavan Auditorium, was attended by prominent guests. Bharat Singh Kundanpur, MLA from Sangod, Kota, was the chief guest and expressed his belief that these girls would shine a light on their families and the nation through their engagement with modern coding practices. Rekha Koita, Chairperson of the Koita Foundation, highlighted the program's significance for girls who face socio-economic barriers in advancing further in education and life.
Ajay S. Mehta, President of Vidya Bhavan Society, emphasized the program's importance for both society and Vidya Bhavan. He mentioned that "Abhilasha" provides these girls with a chance to progress and excel in life.
Nidhi Anarakti, CEO of Navgurukul, detailed the course structure, divided into three stages: Foundation Bootcamp, Coding Bootcamp, and Internship Bootcamp. These stages cover a wide range of skills, from basic learning habits and perspectives to practical coding exercises and professional development simulations.
The uniqueness of this course lies in its instructor-less, examination-free approach. The open-source e-learning platform, "Meraki," launched by Navgurukul, will serve as the educational host for these girls.
The event saw the presence of esteemed personalities like Former Mayor Rajni Dangi and notable citizens of the city. Dr. Nishtha Jain and Shivani Sujji coordinated the program.


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