NSS ;Orchestrates 40th Divyang Mass Wedding for 54 Couples

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13 Sep, 23 10:04
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NSS ;Orchestrates 40th Divyang Mass Wedding for 54 Couples

Narayan Seva Sansthan is set to host its 40th Divyang and Disabled Group Mass Wedding, uniting 54 couples from across seven states, including Rajasthan. The virtuous event, scheduled for September 2-3, will give these couples a joyous start to their married lives. The organization, dedicated to enhancing the lives of the differently-abled, has successfully orchestrated 39 such weddings in the past, resulting in 2,252 blissful unions.

Divyang Unions that Inspire

The forthcoming event at Udaipur's Seva Mahatirtha promises to be grand. These unions transcend physical limitations, with couples featuring diverse abilities—ranging from impaired limbs to blindness and wheelchair reliance. Prashant Agrawal, the international chairman of Narayan Seva Sansthan, emphasized that these weddings symbolize the completion of lives often deemed incomplete.

Meticulously Planned Ceremony
Rohit Tiwari, the event's coordinator, highlighted the careful planning behind the two-day ceremony. Representatives and dignitaries from various states will bless the couples, while the couples themselves will arrive on September 1. The organization will even facilitate their return home after the festivities.
Cultural Splendor in Unison
The celebration kicks off with vibrant processions and music. The first day includes a series of ceremonies—installation of Lord Ganesha, turmeric ceremony, mehndi ceremony, and more—all culminating in a procession on September 2. The following day marks significant rituals, including the Toran ceremony and the exchange of garlands.
Sacred Vows and Generous Gifts
The couples will exchange seven sacred vows around 54 sacred fire pits, symbolizing their lifelong commitment. A team of 60 Vedic scholars will conduct these rituals under a chief priest's guidance. Upon completion, the newlyweds will receive essential household items and gifts, including gold jewelry, from both the organization and guests.
Inspirational Couples
Among the unique stories, Romila, a visually impaired teacher, and Sonia, an orphan, are set to embark on their journey as life partners. Another couple, Anil and Ranjila, who overcame physical challenges, found solace in each other's understanding and are preparing for a brighter future.
Symbol of Unity and Hope
Narayan Seva Sansthan's 40th Divyang Mass Wedding is a beacon of inclusivity, showcasing love's power to transcend all obstacles. As the grand event approaches, excitement and anticipation grow, promising to mark the lives of these couples with unforgettable memories.

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