Collector instructed to adopt e-file module from March 1

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06 Mar, 23 04:59
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Collector instructed to adopt e-file module from March 1

District Collector Tarachand Meena has instructed all district departments to adopt the e-file system from March 1 compulsively. The Collector has given these instructions while implementing the decision of the state government to implement transparency, accountability, and speedy disposal of work in government work by implementing an e-file module in all departments on the Rajkaj portal for establishing good governance.
In this regard, the Collector has directed all the department officers that all the files will be sent through the e-file module in the Rajkaj only, and from March 1, no orders and files will be accepted offline.
He informed me that the Personnel Department had trained all the departments' officers and personnel to implement the e-file module. In such a situation, Collector Meena has also instructed all the departments to stop offline correspondence and compulsorily adopt e-file.
Help Desk also established:
The Collector informed us that a help desk was also set up to get information regarding e-file governance. He said that the Deputy Director of the Information Technology and Communication Department, Jeevan Ram Meena, can contact the Deputy Director on mobile no. Can be contacted on 7073049345.
Accurate time tracking of files will be possible:
Collector informed that with the use of an e-file module implemented for transparency, accountability, and speedy disposal of work, not only real-time tracking of files would be done, but timely execution of official work will be ensured even when officers are on an official tour.
Unlawful activities will be curbed.
With the introduction of the e-file module, the commoner's work will be done easily and quickly. Now officers and employees will not be able to make an excuse that the file is not being found. All the work is online, and he can sit anywhere and see the file with his I.D.D. That is, now the workers will have to do the work of the public on time under any circumstances. If anyone is negligent in this, action will be taken against him.
How to use the e-file module
For the e-file module, the officers must log in with their State SSO ID. After this, you can access the e-file module by going to Rajkaj. Apart from this, you can also choose the postal option for correspondence on SSO. The current location of each file can be known only on the e-file module. Every officer will now compulsorily have to stop offline mail.

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