Divisional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt again seen in action mode 

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06 Mar, 23 04:53
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Divisional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt again seen in action mode 

Udaipur. Divisional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt again appeared in action mode on Thursday to rejuvenate Maharana Bhupal Chikitsalaya.
 Divisional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt reached RNT Medical College and took an important meeting of the Rajasthan Medicare Relief Society in the RNT Auditorium and took the feedback on the tasks assigned during the earlier session and hospital visit.
During the visit, the Divisional Commissioner gave the construction department officials directions regarding the repair of civil, sanitary, electric, toilets, etc. Expressing satisfaction over the timely completion of these works by the department, Commissioner Bhatt gave instructions to prepare proposals for significant results, complete the tender process and complete the assignments by preparing an action plan.
During the meeting, the Divisional Commissioner said that all the works should be completed on time and with quality; we have no shortage of resources and budget. PWD SE Ashok Kumar Sharma informed about the progress of repair and construction work in various hospital wards, planning for future employment, and other aspects.
RNT Principal Dr. Lakhan Poswal was apprised about the progress so far in the repair works of the hospital and presented the progress of various positions through power point presentation. During this, once again, the Divisional Commissioner gave instructions to get pre and post-photography done for the upcoming works.
Maternal Science Institute will be constructed:
The possibilities of new construction in place of Zanana Hospital on the MB campus were discussed in the meeting. It was told during the meeting that according to the budget announcement of the Chief Minister, the construction of Matri Vigyan Sansthan is proposed. Dr. Poswal said that in this financial year, Rs 30 crore had been sanctioned for the Institute of Maternal Sciences. The Divisional Commissioner instructed the officers to make proper arrangements for this.
There should be seating arrangements for relatives of patients.
During the meeting, Divisional Commissioner Bhatt instructed to make suitable arrangements for meeting the relatives of the patients sitting on the hospital premises. On this, Dr. Poswal suggested arrangements for the meeting at MB Basement Parking Area. Divisional Commissioner Bhatt said to discuss this during the upcoming visit.
No compromise on safety
Discussing the fire fighting system and security arrangements in the meeting, the Divisional Commissioner said that adequate security arrangements should be made in various wards and rooms of the hospital to avoid fire accidents. He said there should not be any compromise with the safety of patients and doctors in the hospital. He gave instructions to take special care of technical matters regarding security arrangements and ensure arrangements accordingly.
Fix damaged roofs
The Divisional Commissioner said that wherever the balconies are damaged on the hospital premises, they should be repaired immediately. He said that where the plaster is likely to fall or any other part is damaged, that should be fixed immediately. Where necessary, alternative arrangements should be made by removing the balconies and making the facilities smooth by doing new construction work soon.
Work as a service, not a job
In the meeting, he discussed with the medical officers and officials of various departments that the results should be implemented effectively, considering it as service work, not a job. For this, all the concerned departments and hospital administration should coordinate and execute the pieces to make better health facilities available to patients from other states, including the form that gives blessings.
Our MB Hospital became an example.
Highlighting his commitment to the rejuvenation of MB Hospital, Divisional Commissioner Bhatt said that he wants our MB Hospital to be an example. In the coming time, the entire hospital complex should be made hi-tech with better health facilities. All necessary arrangements should be made available here with state-of-the-art ambulances, so the patient does not have to leave any other private hospital or Udaipur.
Expressed displeasure over parking in emergency premises
The Divisional Commissioner expressed his displeasure over the parking condition of vehicles at the main gate of the old and new emergency of MB Hospital and said that it is beyond tolerance. Declaring the emergency premises as no parking zone, he strictly banned two-wheelers and four-wheelers.
In the meeting, Additional Divisional Commissioner Anjali Rajoria and various heads of the hospital administration and other related medical officers gave essential suggestions regarding the expansion and transformation of facilities in the hospital.

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