FIR registered against 11 accused for theft of company data

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27 Sep, 22 10:13
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FIR registered against 11 accused for theft of company data

An FIR has been lodged against 11 people at Pratap Nagar police station in connection with the theft of data from Fusion Business Solution Private Limited Company's office in Udaipur Maddi Industrial Area. Chandrashekhar Yadav has been told as the main mastermind in the case of data theft. Yadav was working in this company.
The company's director Shweta Dubey told in a press conference on Saturday that Chandrashekhar Yadav used to work in her company and was also the most trusted. Still, due to the shortcut to success and some greed, he moved to Udaipur. To whom he sold data, Rahul Chhabria's company, Virtual Beans, conspired to steal data. In the investigation, the company to which he sold the data has also got that data.
She said that the client whose data was stolen was from the US. This data theft incident caused a loss of crores to Fusion Business Solution Pvt Ltd. she said that although the police administration is investigating this, its truth will come out soon. Those who are involved in this conspiracy will also be exposed. After this incident, to keep the data safe in the company, strict measures have been taken to protect the data. This will reduce the chances of data theft.
To get success in business, one has to climb a ladder. Kuldeep Bhatnagar, Chief Finance and Marketing Officer of Fusion said it takes a lifetime to build a business. Still, young entrepreneurs who start their new companies try to succeed through shortcuts, which is wrong.
Fusion is a huge company that operates in about 15 sectors, including Insurance Bank, and keeps data safe by collecting data from different sectors. Be it any company, it builds its credibility and grows on the trust of its employees. If an employee does wrong work under any greed, he is harmful to the company and creates a lot of trouble for his family.
Shweta Dubey urged the youth not to play with their future by falling prey to the temptations given by other companies.

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