Many important decisions were taken in the general meeting of the Urban Development Trust

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05 Aug, 22 04:58
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Many important decisions were taken in the general meeting of the Urban Development Trust

Udaipur (Dr Munesh Arora): Urban Development Trust President and District Collector Tarachand Meena has said that the quality of development works under the Urban Development Trust should be fully taken care of so that the general public can benefitfromtheproductworks as per the instructions of the State Government. Collector Meena was addressing the trust members and officers while presiding overthegeneralmeetingofthe Urban Development Trust on Wednesday. During this, he discussed 52 points in detail about the various development works through the Trust and gave essential instructions.Hecalmly took factual informationfrom the Trust and departmental officersoneverydevelopment work and approved them after confirming the overall public interest. Plantation should be done on the line s of Chandigarh:In the meeting, the entire focus of Collector Meena was on the quality of development works, while he said that why the white line is not visible on the road built by us for more than 15 days? He directedtogetthequalitywhite line done on the National Highway.Thisdiscussionalso discussed making another hockey astroturf in the Khel Village. The Collector was required to get the saplings plantedonthehillsofKhelgaon attheearliestandsaidthatflowering plants of local species s h o u l d b e g r own l i k e Chandigarh only during monsoon. The Collector instructed the Transport Officer to make a plan to make Rani Road free from heavy traffic. Along with this, instructions were also given for restoring the auditorium and library of the Information Center and improving the damaged pedestals of the statues of great personalities in the city. The city will be clean. Trust Secretary Shri Balmukund Asawa informed that after deliberations in the meeting,door-to-doorgarbage collection in different areas of theTrust,cleaningofroadsand drains of Trust converted residential colonies,andcleaning of main highways and rainy drainsofTrust's jurisdictionwill be done regularly. MoU to be done through Municipal Co r p o r a ti o n , Ud a i p u r. Administrative and financial sanction of Rs. 4 crores was issued after execution. Under this, Rs 4 crore will be providedby theTrusttotheMunicipal Corporation for one year, and regular cleaning of 167 colonies, roads, drains, etc., willbedonebytheCorporation. Decisionstakenonthese subjects:In the meeting, permission was given to transfer Rs 15 crore of trust contribution to Smart City, and administrativeandfinancialsanctions of Rs 35.20 crore were issued for variousdevelopmentworks under the jurisdiction of the Trust. Similarly, for the development works of sports at MaharanaBhupalStadium,an amount of Rs 174.99 lakh Administrative and financial sanction was issued. In contrast,administrativeandfinancial approvals of Rs 10.73 crore issued for development works invarious colonies inthe last three months were confirmed. 2686.43 lakh sanctioned on renovation and beautification works: During the meeting, technical approval of Rs 2686.43 lakhwas given on various renovation and beautification works in the trust area. Under this, technical support of Rs. 890.43 lakh was given for the constructionofarevenuedrain upstream from Dhikli pond, Rs. 596 lakh for the renovationandbeautificationofNehru Garden located inFatehsagar lake, and Rs. 1200 lakh forthe development of Rani Road as a model road. Allotmentoflandforvarious development works: In the meeting, in compliance with the Chief Minister's budget announcement year 2022-23, for construction of v a ri o u s g o v e r n m e n t offices/institutions suchas the Chief Medical and Health Officer's office, Cyber Police Station,PrimaryHealthCenter Darol i, Vi l lage Service Cooperative Society for construction of godowns of Gudli, Vaidyanath Mahadev Great Agriculture MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD. For the construction of Sisarma's godown and building, Rehabilitation Home Scheme and free land allotmentproceedingsfortheSavitri Bai Phule reading room were confirmed. Similarly, it was decided to allow 2,50,000 square feet of land for a sports stadium in Girwa block to Regional Sports Training Center at the reserve rate.In the meeting, Secretary Balmukund Asawa, SE K.R. Meena, and Vipin Jain, senior city planner Arvind Singh Kanawat,alongwithotherofficersoftheTrust,werepresent.

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