There is a balance between industrial development and environmental protection: Komal Kothari

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16 Jun, 22 10:53
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There is a balance between industrial development and environmental protection: Komal Kothari

Udaipur:  World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5 to save nature. The United Nations General Assembly established World Environment Day on the first day of the Stockholm Conference on June 5, 1972. Since then, World Environment Day has been celebrated every year on June 5. The theme of the year's World Environment Day is 'Only One Earth,' i.e., only one earth to save from the harm caused to nature by humans. Everyone should contribute to the initiative to protect the earth's environment.
Komal Kothari, UCCI's, shared the above views. P.P Singhal Auditorium. On World Environment Day, an awareness program on environmental protection was organized under the joint aegis of the Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Udaipur Industrial Waste Management and Research Center Trust, and Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board.
Welcoming the guests and participants present in the program to UCCI, Chairman Shri Komal Kothari described the most significant need of today to strike a balance between industrial development and environmental protection.
Member Secretary, UIWMRC Trust, Shri C.S.R. Mehta, said that the continuous environmental damage is a threat to the country and the whole world. Due to rapidly depleting forests, air pollution, extinct animals and birds, water crisis, and all these reasons, one or the other is facing disaster. If we keep harming our environment like this, then the day is not far when no one can save the earth from destruction. We have to work unitedly to protect our environment.
HWM Sub Committee Chairman Shri Hansraj Chaudhary said that on the occasion of Environment Day being celebrated on June 5, we pledge to keep the environment safe for the coming tomorrow and do everything possible to save our environment. Along with inspiring others, we will plant a tree on this day.The Regional Officer of Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board, Shri Sharad Saxena, also said that industrial and mining activities should not be neglected and environmental protection. Suppose mining operations in the forest area are necessary for business, economy, and employment. So in return for the loss of forests, eco-balance should be done by planting essential trees on other lands.
In the program, a short play was presented by the Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal to create awareness about the environment.
In this sequence, the theatrical presentation was given by the boys and girls of Narayan Seva Sansthan, delivering the message of environmental protection. A prize of Rs 2100/- was given to the children participating in the theatrical performance on behalf of Udaipur Cement Works. A poster of environmental protection was also released on occasion.
UCCI Vice President Shri Vijay Godha and members, all Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board officers, and representatives of industries were present in this program..


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