Beauty expert Bhagwati Yadav donated her body

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14 May, 22 07:32
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Beauty expert Bhagwati Yadav donated her body

Udaipur. With the thought of making her birthday unique and dedicated to the welfare of humanity by saving it for service, the beauty expert of the city, Bhagwati Yadav, announced the body donation on her birthday and filled out the resolution letter for body donation.
Bhagwati Yadav contacted Dr. Ghanshyam Gupta, Head of Department of Anatomy and Organ Transplant Coordinator Sunil Kumar Pamecha of RNT Medical College, filled her resolution letter, and donated the body. The doctors gave her a registration card congratulating her for this noble work. It is noteworthy that in the past, Bhagwati Yadav has contributed hair for hair wigs made for people living with cancer on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, and today she has donated her body not only for the research of future doctors. She has also set an example by spreading awareness.
Bhagwati Yadav, who has donated her body, took this pledge with the help of family, friends, and the blessings of the gurus. Yadav says that her body will not only be helpful for the research of future doctors, but he also said that it takes about 6 thousand kilos of wood to burn a body, which also causes damage to trees, and pollution so by donating body. Medical science will help in the treatment of complex diseases, but it will also help save nature.

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