The dialogue of the voluntary organizations of the administration should be implemented in the Rajasthan: Parashar

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08 May, 22 10:24
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The dialogue of the voluntary organizations of the administration should be implemented in the Rajasthan: Parashar

U d a i p u r : Pukhraj Parashar, president of the Rajasthan Public P r o s e c u t i o n R e d r e s s a l Committee, has saidthattheroleof voluntary organizationsisessential in the overall development of any region. The state government also takes feedback from voluntary organizations working in the field before preparing any public welfare schemes, programs,andbudgets sothateffectiveimplementationofplans and programs can be ensured. Parashar was addressed as the chief guest in a dialogue program with the municipal auditorium and voluntary organizations fromApril 23 to 25 under the aegis of the district administration and Rajasthan Patrika. On this occasion, Parashar said that the true feedback on the schemes of the government is received only through voluntary organizations and field machinery. He told such events in the overall interest and suggested doing this type of experiment in every district; through this, he called upon every eligible person to get the full benefit of the schemes and public welfare programs of the government. Parashar said that a public hearing is being started every Thursday at the gram panchayat level with a view to effective redressal of public problems by the state government. Digital data of 7 thousand of NGOs ready: Presiding over the workshop, Mumtaz Masih, President Voluntary Sector Development Center, said that innumerable schemes had been implemented by the state government in every sector,whicharebeingdeliveredby variousdepartments, non-government, and voluntary organizations. Efforts will be madetoimplementthistypeofdialogueinthewholeofRajasthan. Hesaidthatthedigitaldataof7thousandNGOsacrossRajasthan is ready, and registration will start as soon as the web portal is ready. He also informed that district-wise, people serving with 10-10 expert people are being connected by the center through which the benefits of departmental schemes will be passed on to the general public. During this, Masih said that all NGOs, trusts, foundations, and all non-profit organizations-companies in Rajasthan will now need approval from the Voluntary Sector Development Centerto get government grants or assistance. Masih said that his department would also encourage voluntary sector organizations as well as fix responsibility and accountability under good governance. Addressingtheworkshop,amemberofTribalParamarshdatri Samiti, Laxminarayan Pandya, said that the benefits of government schemes are not available due to a lack of education and awareness; through this type of dialogue, NGOs should begiventhebenefitsofdepartmental schemes.Encouragement is a commendable step.

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