Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar released the book 'Royal Textiles of Mewar

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29 Sep, 21 11:12
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Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar released the book 'Royal Textiles of Mewar

Udaipur: Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, Chairman and M a n a g i n g Tr u s te e o f Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation Udaipur released a book titled Royal Textiles of Mewad.Co-author Jyoti Jasol, Fo u n d a ti o n ' s Ch i e f Ad m i n i s tr a ti v e Offi c e r Bhupendra Singh Auwa, and Deputy Secretary Mayank Gupta were present on the occasion of the launch. Inthereleasedbook,important information, pictures, etc. of royal clothes, clothes, etc. used by the Mewar state family are collected. In ancient times, these clothes and garmentsweremeasuredaccording to 'Prati Tola', the unit of measurement of gold, which was very valuable. According totheBahidswrittenduringthe time of the Maharanas of Mewar, these clothes were ordered from Banaras. The cos tumes cons i s ted of women's costumes of odhna, ghagra, Kurti, kanchali on which karchovi embroidered (embroidered) gizai, dhabka, nakshi, bakdi, katori, silk thread, pieces of beetle feathers, danka etc. The borders weredecoratedwithfiguresof bells, peacocks, flowers etc. The book lists achkans, kurtas, kamarbands, dhoti, shawls, pag-turbans, etc. in masculine clothes. On these clothes, many beautiful and beautiful figures and borders are made in the embroidered silk threads, in which the description of suitable clothes insimpleclothesalongwithfestive clothes is presented. Similarly, the illustrated descriptionoftheclothesofthe virgins, princesses and children,jutti,mojdiyan,etc.ispresented.Pachisi, played with many costumes used in the royal family, besides chess, bedding, curtains,bedsheets, covers, etc. are made of velvet and silk cloth, on which many artifacts have been engravedwithsilk threadsand embroidery.Along with the members of the royal family, many types of mind-blowing works have been done on the clothes used or worn for the elephant-horse, carriages, palanquins, dolls of the palaces.Apictorialdescription of the clothes to be worn by Thakur Ji in the temples and the curtains used in the temple, the works of the Pichwai are presented in the book.On the occasion of the book launch, Arvind Singh Mewar said that the apparel and textiles displayed in the book Royal Textiles of Mewar are animportantpartofthevibrant heritage of Mewar, many of whicharedisplayedandstored in theGokulGallery at theCity Palace Museum, Zenana Mahal, Udaipur. . Mewar further dedicated the book to his mother Shri Rajmata Sahiba Sushila Kumariji and said that it is a matter of good fortune and honor for me that my late mother carefully preserved andpreservedthis family legacy of Mewar for future generations.Shriji has given a mention of his childhood memories in the foreword of the book.The editor and writer of the book Rosemary Krill and co-authors Jyoti Jasol, Anamika Pathak, and Smita Singh worked hard on the book for a long time and listed it in the form of a book.This book will prove to be very importantforresearchers, stud e n ts , i n q u i s i to r s , etc.Renowned photographer Neil Green tree has captured many stunning photographs from the collection, which are featured in the book. Also, Padma Shri awardee Rahul Jain, who has presented his valuable suggestions regarding this project.

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