Completion of training on a clean and green campus

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29 Sep, 21 11:00
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Completion of training on a clean and green campus

Udaipur: Completion of 10-day short term skill development "Clean and Green Campus" subject training organized under the Institutional Development Plan (IDP, NAHEP) sponsored by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi in the constituent community and applied science college of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology happenedonWednesday.30studentsparticipatedinthetraining. In the closing ceremony, the Chief Guest Dr. Dhriti Solanki, Professor andActing Dean called upon the students to implement whatever they have learned through this training in their lives and in keeping their college campus clean and green. Play your role. The organizing secretary of this training, Dr. Sumitra Meena told that the students were informed about the right place and plants for planting lawns, gardens, plants, information about the equipment required for gardening, cutting, pruning, soil treatment, vertical planting, landscaping, campus beautification, pot. Information was given through lectures andpracticalsbysubjectexpertsonthesubjectmatterofPlanting and maintenance to keep the campus clean and green. The co-organizing secretary of the program, Dr. Brijgopal Chhipa,whiledescribingthis trainingas very relevant, stressed organizing such training in the future also. The feedback of this training was given by the students Lakshika, Ravindra Kumar, and Anshita through a powerpoint presentation. The students said that they got to learn a lot through this training and had a pleasant experience of working on their own.At the end of the program, each student was given a certificate and a saplingThe program was conducted by Dr.PrakashPanwar, Professor and Head of Department,ExtensionEducation, and Communication Management, and the vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Vishakha Singh.

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